Winter bitch parade season 2019/2020

Winterschlampenparade Saison 2019/2020

Icy, sunny winter days when light and colors compete and you can see pin-sharp and endlessly. Cold that feels like countless pinpricks at the start and, thanks to movement, is slowly replaced by cozy warmth. Clouds of breath, flushed faces, big grins included.

Cold, wet days when the drizzle always comes from ahead and cold rain seeks its way from all sides. Foggy farm roads, a view over endless fields without colors, gray on gray like a blurred black and white photo. Silence that accompanies us, just the breath when everyone breathes steaming into their shawls. Those dreary days when everyone hopes no one has a flat tire. Because waiting means wet freezing.

These are the days of the winter bitch parade.

Winter Bitch Parade Trailer - HD 720p from Chic Hat on Vimeo .

Whatever the weather will do to us in the months from November 2019 to February 2020, we look forward to it. We look forward to going on tour with you and rolling over the paths and small streets in the area. We will have wet, cold fingers that will hardly be able to open the helmet clasp. We will get ourselves and our bikes dirty, we will get out of our clothes at home soaking wet and in the shower we will be glad that we got up in the morning and got up. We are happy about everyone who is just as positively crazy as we are. Peer pressure at its best, positive motivation through and through.

The winter bitch parade rolls into its sixth season. From November 3, 2019 until February 23, 2020. Every Sunday at 11. From the Rheinterrasse.

For everyone new this year:

  • Route length approx. 75km, will be adjusted in extremely bad weather
  • only racing bars as handlebars, whether racing bike, crosser, gravel bike
  • Mudguards are expressly requested for the benefit of all (at least on wet days)
  • Average speed about 25km/h, so sometimes 30km/h on the straight
  • in a row of two next to each other

Thanks to our supporters:

  • Wahoo , whose sat navs guide us outside and whose trainers keep us fit inside
  • Cafe du Cycliste , whose jackets, jerseys and trousers keep us warm
  • SRAM , whose circuits switch even under the most adverse conditions
  • antidot , biodegradable chain oils and wheel cleaners that not only get our wheels through the winter
  • Genesis Bikes , whose bikes with mudguards are the perfect companions through the winter

Meeting point Rheinterrasse Düsseldorf, Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 33, 40479 Düsseldorf

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