Ride with us

Participation only after prior registration.


100% of the proceeds from the donation tickets go to World Bicycle Relief

Our Basic rules

  • We obey the traffic rules and all drive at our own risk.
  • You ride a suitable bike. With racing handlebars and brakes, whether it's a racing bike or a gravel bike
    doesn't matter.
  • We require a helmet and appropriate clothing, the use of clipless pedals is allowed
    definitely recommended.

Important: Nobody gets on a bus on a guided tour in a figurative sense. Here the two at the top do not determine the tour, but everyone who is there has a responsibility. Please always be aware of this. When chatting, pay attention to the people in front and their hand signals, drive so calmly and evenly that everyone likes to drive behind you. Don't leave big gaps between the rows because you never know if those behind you can close them again. If we all act like this all the time, then we all have a lot of fun.

If you're flinching now: we're actually nice and relaxed, but there have to be rules. We want all participants to have fun, which also means that everyone arrives home safe and sound.

After the tour, everyone who wants to roll together again in the courtyard of the cap, where we can end the tour with music and a drink. With our new neighbors from Bulle Burger next door, a snack shouldn't be a problem either.

We offer you two different tickets, the donation ticket from € 1,- for the World Bicycle Relief or a free ticket for all those who cannot or do not want to donate.

We look forward to the start of the summer season with you and hope that, like in the last few years, there will be a great, open and international peloton that enjoys the tours together and welcomes newcomers.

Let's roll...