Arty Erik, Coh & Co., IRIS and the Hat. A bike, an action, a trade fair, an exit. And much more.

Arty Erik, Coh & Co., IRIS und die Mütze. Ein Fahrrad, eine Aktion, eine Messe, eine Ausfahrt. Und viel mehr.

We have seen the future of the city bike. Well, at least a future of how city bikes can be. Or should be. As long as you enjoy cycling and modern, exciting bikes. Bikes that take us where we want to go safely, in style and with endless cycling pleasure. We saw the wheels here. On the Cyclingworld , Areal Böhler, Düsseldorf, in March of this year.

Coh & Co. from Copenhagen were already guests at Düsseldorf’s trade fair for cycling enthusiasts in 2018. At the time, we noticed them with their extraordinary Velo Sled cargo bike (Cyclingworld Award 2019 Best Cargo Bike), with racing bikes made of wood and carbon and with their open and friendly manner. The bikes were fun on test laps, and the approach of not only taking a different approach to frame construction, but also briefly developing a completely new material was to our liking. Creative lateral thinkers with conviction, we feel understood. And we thought we should do something together.

This year Coh & Co. were back at Cyclingworld. And they brought Erik with them, their visionary city bike made of Stone Weave, their material mix of stone and carbon, which is also so exciting because it is not only light and blessed with natural comfort, but is also recyclable. An approach that is also becoming increasingly important when it comes to cycling.

StoneWeave combines carbon and stone fibers with a high-performance composite resin to create an extremely strong, lightweight material. Significantly more stable and suitable for everyday use than conventional carbon, while being durable and insensitive to weather conditions. A material that allows independent shaping, Erik rides extremely comfortably and with a unique rear construction.

Also a guest at Cyclingworld Iris Slappendel , former Dutch cycling champion. We invited Iris to the fair to present her new collection of her clothing line IRIS as part of our women's movement Rennrad-Ausfahrt. Within one season, the things in the hat have developed into a great addition to our range, because they are not only functionally superb, but also look good to kneel down. Iris is at least as good a designer as she is a cyclist.

And it came as it had to come.

Mette from Coh & Co. thought the cycling gear at our stand was so great. And five minutes later had a lively conversation with Iris. The thought arose that we should do something together. For example designing a very special Erik. Colourful, based on Iris designs. The bike was presented as part of the EuroBike and was a popular topic for visitors and the press. And exactly this Arty-Erik is coming to Düsseldorf. In the hat. And it can be auctioned. Of you. For a good cause, the sum goes to that Global Footprint Network to good. Here: Charity Auctions Today. Don't be stingy, there is exactly one wheel in the world.

We are happy to welcome Mette von Coh & Co. and Iris on Saturday, October 26th, 2019 together with the bike in the cap. Look forward with us to Danish appetizers, Wienerbröd, all kinds of bikes from Coh & Co. and Iris' new winter collection. Look forward to test drives and a nice Saturday in the hat.

It wasn't that yet...

So that the journey from Copenhagen and Ouderkerk aan den IJssel to Düsseldorf is worthwhile and we also spend some time together on the bike, we invite you to a trip to the Langen Foundation on Sunday. Combined with a visit to the current exhibition by the Korean artists Park Seo-Bo and Minjung Kim, Twenty-five guests can accompany us, followed by coffee and cake. The tour is not only for racing bikes, but also suitable for everyday bikes, the round trip will total around 50 kilometers. Since places are limited, we ask that you register via email to anmeldung (at) schickemuetze (dot) de.


coh & co. to the bike

Iris to the wheel

The auction

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