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Apidura Free-Repair-Service – Taschen, Reisen, Nachhaltigkeit.

Thanks to a busy customer who introduced us to the bags of Apidura drew attention to the topic of bikepacking found its way into the cap very early on. Excitedly, we currently stock almost the entire range of the independent brand based in Camden Town, north London. Of course, we were now out and about with the bags from England and were able to test their reliability in practice. With success and fun.

Apidura have continued to expand their range in recent years, initially with a second, waterproof edition with sealed seams, then with the Race series, which is aimed at graduates of endurance races with the smallest luggage. From the saddle bags with sizes from 5 to 17 liters, popularly known as "ass rocket", to handlebar, top tube and frame bags, the range leaves nothing to be desired. Nevertheless, it was and still is positive that, despite the bikepacking boom, there was no inflationary expansion of the range, but that the sense and necessity of the new parts was always in the foreground.

So when Apidura approached us to collect bags through a few stores and partners in Europe that had suffered through use and therefore deserved a little makeover, we thought the idea was great. Of course, helping people to help themselves is in the DNA of bikepackers, but the option of having small damaged areas on the bags repaired by Apidura free of charge shows how much the brand lives by sustainable, high-quality and long-lasting ideals. For us as a retailer, it's great to see that we've only had a handful of complaints over the long period we've been working with Apidura. This is also proof of the good construction and high-quality workmanship of the bags.

Our London colleagues from Condor Cycles have successfully completed a test with Apidura, where the repair campaign left happy bikepackers behind.

If you have a much-loved and used piece in your inventory that needs a stitch or strap re-stitch, please bring it in by December 8th.

Cracks are patched, torn seams glued and broken zippers replaced.

We collect your bags in the cap, pack and ship them to England for repairs. You may have your bags back before Christmas, if this does not work due to shipping times and our opening times between the years, you will have to be patient until the beginning of 2020.

In addition to us, 8 other stores are involved in the campaign in Europe:

And here you can find information from Apidura about the campaign.

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