The hat in 2019 - five years chain right

Die Mütze im Jahr 2019 – Fünf Jahre Kette rechts

An exciting year is coming to an end, so it makes sense to take a look back. At our events, at the bikes that we set up here, the excursions that we made and everything else that happened in Düsseldorf.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. Who rode with us, who spent their time with us, who drank their coffee or their beer with us after the round or simply shopped here. Because they were or are convinced of what we do.

At the end of May, the most relaxed gentleman among the legendary kitchen philosophers, the fabulous creator of soups and salads, our friend Florian left us to conquer the Pyrenees together with his girlfriend Marie. We look forward to seeing you again in France. Soon. Until then, we wish the two a lot of fun on their bike trip through Asia.

Shortly thereafter, his friend Flipo also left for his French homeland with his family. Flipo is already carrying on the spirit of the hat and is working on a nice concept in France that offers gravel holidays with bike tours in beautiful Burgundy. More on that soon here .

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