Cyclingworld, hat and a stupid virus

Cyclingworld, Mütze und ein dämlicher Virus

Immediately after the Corona-related cancellation of Cyclingworld in March 2020, we were in good spirits that we could still implement some of the activities planned for the trade fair that we can handle with our own resources. Whether onboard in the cinema, the exit of the women's movement with racing bikes irises and swallow or our Schotter, Kies & Moos - Gravelrunde, all relatively small events that didn't seem risky for the participants at first glance. However, exactly one week before the trade fair date, we notice the dynamism with which the Corona wave is overtaking us. It is with a heavy heart that we have therefore decided to cancel all hat activities until mid-April. As far as later planned rides are concerned, we will keep you informed.

The cinema tickets for Onboard - The Transcontinental Race in the Metropol cinema remain valid, we will repeat the evening at a later date. If this date cannot be implemented for individual visitors, we will find a solution.

For paid rides women's movement road bike and Gravel, Gravel & Moss @ Cyclingworld we of course offer a refund of the ticket costs. However, we have an alternative idea here as well. Cyclingworld organizer Stefan Maly has described the situation of the service providers involved in the trade fair, who are suffering from the lack of income. Who his € 10, - in Stefan's campaign Cyclingworld Düsseldorf vs. Corona consequences If you want to deposit, you don't have to do anything. Anyone who would like their €10 back can select “Request a refund” when ordering Eventbrite, and we will promptly initiate the transfer back via paypal. If we have not received a request for reimbursement by the time of the fair, we will assume that you agree to the donation.

We designed three exclusive hat models for Cyclingworld 2020 and had them made in Italy.

  • Genesis x Chic hat in colour
  • Genesis x chic hat in black/white
  • Gravel, Gravel & Moss

These arrived yesterday. By March 31, 2020, we will also donate €5 per hat from the total price of €18 to Stefan Maly's fundraiser. You can buy the hats in our store, but we will also offer shipping of the hats. Please send us an email to info (at) schickemuetze (punkt) de with the subject "Cyclingworld caps", we will then send you the details of the shipping modalities. Consider that as a stationary trade we do not have the infrastructure of an online retailer, a little patience is required, we have to pack the parcels ourselves.

The Cyclingworld team will try to catch up with the trade fair at a later date. Date announcements would not be serious at the moment, so please be patient until there is new information. As soon as there are further changes to the trade fair or our activities with the hat, we will inform you via social media and here. The Chic Hat will of course remain open as a shop, workshop and café until further notice.

If you just want to support the team around Cyclingworld and don't want a fancy hat: here is the direct link to the fundraiser .

Everyone please stay healthy, see you soon on the bike in the great outdoors or here in the hat.

thanks for your understanding

Your hat team

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