The hat and the strange times of Corona

Die Mütze und die merkwürdigen Zeiten von Corona

Even if we managed to maintain a basic service of the hat during the so-called lockdown weeks with a creative combination of pick-up service, advice on the phone, extensive emails and short conversations in front of the door, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you starting tomorrow, Monday April 20, 2020 from 11 a.m. again in the hat, in the store itself. Although everyday life in our backyard will not be as it was before Corona, we will create an atmosphere in which we feel comfortable through an interplay of the required distance and the possibilities that we have on site , work and be there for you in the best possible way.

Since the café has to remain closed, we allow the front door and open the back door, our workshop entrance. We will make sure that you as a visitor have enough space in your hat, access will be regulated if there is too much rush.

If you have access to a real or improvised protective mask, we would be happy if you wear it in the store. Of course we know the controversial discussions about the benefits, but a mask is probably better than no mask. Be so kind and please respect the distance of about 2 meters from us and all other customers. We made room in the hat so you can also avoid each other. At the entrance there is the possibility to disinfect your hands, use them.

We have been working in two separate teams for some time to minimize the risk of infection. In an interplay, one team is always in the store while the other works in the home office to provide support. You can currently actively help to relieve the load on the shop, refrain from calling and instead send us your inquiries by email to info (at) schickemuetze (dot) de. The less often colleagues in the shop have to answer the phone, the faster bikes can be assembled or repaired. The same applies to assembly inquiries or the conception of your dream bike. If you send an email with your phone number, we'll be happy to call you back from our home office and try to help you.

A small note about mail: yes, there are modern possibilities of communication culture. We're not afraid of that either. But the permanent attention to the channels Facebook, Instagram, Whattsapp, Strava or in the comment function of our website costs a lot of attention and makes many mechanisms of our internal exchange unnecessarily complicated. Hence: email.

Even if the work has become much more difficult for us in two separate teams, we try to realize everything within the scope of our possibilities. The support of our partners helps us to achieve this. Many companies are badly affected themselves, have had to reinvent structures and themselves, and still offer help.

So the colleagues from Biehler Cycling have the name Support your local dealer launched an aid campaign for independent shops in which jerseys are sold online via Biehler and the shops make a profit from it. The jerseys were designed by Biehler, of course with the style elements of the shops, are made in the factory in Germany after the order and then sent to you. We are the first German store to be part of the European pool with the cap. Curious? You can buy them here.

There are many other approaches that we are currently discussing with our partners, and we will share the news with you. And of course we think a lot about our events.

In fact, we would Wednesday at 6 leave the yard together, but group trips are currently not an issue. As far as our commitment around all possible and impossible events is concerned, it is only clear that everything is uncertain at the moment. It would not be serious to make forecasts, so we are holding back. After all, we all notice how quickly some decisions have to be made in this crisis. We ask you all for your understanding if a lot will remain unclear in the next few weeks. It is extremely important to us, with all the love and passion for each of our events, to always act responsibly and in the interests of everyone involved. And we will always try to find solutions that are viable for everyone involved.

So far we would like to say thank you. To all of you who have accompanied us with understanding during these weeks, picked up things from us or brought your bikes to us. We are happy to be part of such a community. Once this nightmare ends, we'll roll some drinks into the cap's courtyard and invite you. We get together, celebrate life and cycling. And look forward to the trips together that are to come. With you.

Ride a bike. And stay healthy. Or as the Frankfurt colleagues from Guilty76 would say: stay stable.

And very important: #formingantibodies

Your hat crew

Thanks for your understanding.

Hat times during Corona:

Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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