Movie time with the hat: Onboard – The Transcontinental Race

Kinozeit mit der Mütze: Onboard – The Transcontinental Race

ATTENTION! NEW APPOINTMENT! NEW PLACE! Saturday, August 8, 2020, Dusseldorf Grafenberg racetrack. 8:00 p.m. As part of the home summer series.

We look forward to being able to invite you to the cinema again on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Onboard - The Transcontinental Race, a film by French director Antonin Michaud-Soret about the legendary endurance race. For three years, Antonin accompanied the drivers on the races across Europe, capturing countless stories from the side of the road and impressive footage of a truly epic racing series. A film for all randonneurs, long-distance lovers, motivational monsters and adventurers.

Again and again and again

When you think of cycling, the first thing that comes to mind are stage races like Tour de France or Giro d'Italia , one-day classics like Paris-Roubaix or the Tour of Flanders one, all classics with more than a hundred years of history. But long-distance routes also have their legends, names like Paris-Brest-Paris , Race Across America or London-Edinburgh-London are milestones for the ever-growing randonneur or ultra-distance community. For many years, a committed brevet and cycling marathon scene has been organizing events throughout Europe, with the help of maps and plans, predetermined routes are ridden, although often little attention is paid. There are also new events, self-sufficient races that attract attention and convey the appeal of long-distance to more and more interested parties via social media. If Tuscany Trail , Silk Road Mountain Race , Atlas Mountain Race , Landmark Trophy or the Bikingman series, there is hardly a spot on earth that cannot be ridden through epic.

That Transcontinental Race has become one of the classics of the self-sufficient racing scene within a few years. 2013 from the long-distance driver Mike Hall Founded and organized with passion and knowledge, it became a meeting point for the initially small and family scene. Mike Hall, himself winner of the World Cycle Race , the Tour Divide and des Trans Am Bike Race , held in Australia in 2017 Indian Pacific Wheel Race Hit and killed by a car 500 kilometers from the finish. His loss weighed heavily on the community, but that Transcontinental Race was continued in his spirit. The film project on board was launched back in 2016 with the fourth edition of the race jointly by Mike and Antonin. Overall, the film covers the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 and offers us a wide variety of insights into races and starters, landscape and nature.

The following year, i.e. 2019, the TCR received an incredible boost in public attention through the surprising overall victory of a woman, the young Heidelberg native Fiona Kolbinger, who proved that women can play to their strengths against the supposedly stronger sex, especially over long distances. Fiona completed the 4,000-kilometer route between Burgas on the Black Sea and Brest on the French Atlantic coast in ten days and two hours, allowing herself an average of four hours of sleep a day and collecting countless QOMs from Strava along the way. And left 263 starters behind.

The discovery of slowness

While on the one hand the long distance as a sporting challenge at racing speed is constantly gaining more fans and pursuers, more and more recreational athletes are also discovering the challenges of the long distance and are on the road without chasing records and times. Here the journey is the goal, the distance an adventure. The bike makes it possible to experience very long distances with your own muscle power, to perceive the environment in many facets and at the same time to protect it. While it's common to fly across entire continents in a matter of hours, the intense experience of travel itself is something that has new appeal for many people. Bicycle trips into the endless expanse are often also trips into the ego. A movie like ELSEWHERE. Alone in Africa by Anselm Pahnke conveys this fascination – always closely linked to nature – in a film that actually only came about by chance. Also worth seeing.

Very far away

Often far beyond long-distance races, extreme athletes like Jonas Deichmann prove with their tours across several continents that with the right discipline, tremendous will and a dash of madness, the almost impossible is possible with a bike. Their adventures can be followed live on social media, subsequent lecture series, book and film projects secure the livelihood.

Even in the most remote corners of the earth, GPS data and the right hardware now help us to plan tours with pinpoint accuracy. Portals like Komoot get better with every driver who uses them, navigation devices like the Wahoo Roam offer maps from all regions of the world and let us navigate routes without any visible clues without errors. Aspects such as route planning, organization, stamina and mental strength are sometimes worth more at long-distance events than just good, fast legs, as you can see from Fiona Kolbinger. And on cycle tours, they compensate for many hours of preparation and a lack of orientation.

In addition to the electronic helpers, the rest of the accessory sector is also developing steadily. Bag ranges designed for all route lengths from brands such as Apidura inspire cycle tourists and long-distance cyclists and create a modern interpretation of classic French panniers such as B. those of Gilles Berthoud . Clothing lines such as the Odyssey collection by the Japanese-Italian manufacturer PEdALED or the Audax range of our French partners from Cafe Du Cycliste address the special requirements of long-distance journeys with selected fabrics, extended pockets or reflective materials. The large intersection with the gravel bike and bikepacking scene also becomes clear here, both of which complement each other perfectly.

The long haul on the big screen

After seeing the great German film in 2016 certification above Paris-Brest-Paris as the closing film of the Bicycle Film Festival in the jam-packed cap, we are now happy to To bring Onboard – The Transcontinental Race to the cinema in Düsseldorf, a film that has already inspired the cycling community in many places around the world since its premiere in Paris. After the film, we will ask competent partners about long-distance routes together with the audience in a discussion round on the stage. TCR participants will also speak up and report on their experiences.

Onboard the Transcontinental Race from Ahstudio Filmmakers on Vimeo .

The evening will open with a film by the local El Flamingo crew, Ice & Palms brings snowboards, bicycles and the Alps together and makes us loose with beautiful pictures for a great bike film evening.

The cinema evening kicks off three days of cycling in Düsseldorf, as Cyclingworld will make our hometown the capital of cycling culture for a weekend. Within a very short time, the trade fair has developed into a hot spot in Europe and has become Germany's most important consumer trade fair for our favorite means of transport. Many of our international partners and friends will be there and we look forward to being there with the hat, with our trips and with a stand at the fair.

Onboard - The Transcontinental Race by Antonin Michaud-Soret

New date: Sunday, August 8, 8:00 p.m. Düsseldorf-Grafenberg racetrack, outdoor screening as part of the Düsseldorf homeland summer .

Purchased tickets remain valid. Remaining tickets if available in the cap.

Thursday, March 19, 2020, 8:00 p.m., Metropol Kino, Brunnenstr. 20, 40223 Dusseldorf

Ticket € 12, advance sale in the next few days in the cap.


(c) Pics James Robertson

(c) Pic Mike Hall - Anna Haslock

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