Over hill, dale and Rhine – gravel, gravel & moss 2019

Über Stock, Stein und Rhein – Schotter Kies & Moos 2019

CarYou Gravelistas and gravel kings, heroines of the unpaved paths and princes of the forest highways - it can be gravel again. On Sunday, September 1st from 08:00 a.m. Two routes, 70 and 120 kilometers long. A refreshment station on the way. And after returning to the cap, we are waiting for heroic stories, snacks, delicious Uerige and a relaxing end to the day.

The mode – relaxed & friendly

Like last year, you will travel as a small group of 2 to 6 riders. Every three minutes. But be careful: SKM is not a race, there is no timekeeping, it's about spending a great day or at least a few great hours on the bike.

One of the nicest things last year was that all contact with walkers, dog walkers, hikers and other cyclists on the routes seemed to go off without complaints or discord. Please keep this spirit, show your good mood and avoid stress and quarrels. As is well known, a friendly hello is always the prelude to a nice get-together.

The routes – beautiful and beautiful.

The 120-kilometer route is based on last year's much-praised lap, but has been given a little more distance in hilly terrain, including nasty little ramps. In return, you can expect less flat sections along the banks of the Rhine. We have set the gravel portion as high as possible, but there are also stretches over paved ground on both routes. However, we made sure that it was then as bad as possible.

The 70-kilometre round is much easier than the long round and is also suitable for gravel beginners. There are fewer meters in altitude, fewer steep ascents and descents. But don't worry, we've also put a lot of effort into this route, you get a lot of nice insights into the unpaved paths in the Düsseldorf area, just much shorter than the long loop.

Both routes have an intersection where we set up an aid station, you get water, some snacks, just some energy and little treats in the style of the hat.

You will receive the routes as a download via email a few days before the event, along with some additional information. Of course, you can decide which route you want to drive yourself in the morning at short notice, you don't have to decide in advance.

And otherwise?

After returning, we look forward to a relaxed end to the day with beer, spritzer and a few noodles in our courtyard.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite or directly in the cap. Since advance ticket sales have been going on for some time, we will soon be entering the home straight.

If you don't have a ticket yet, you can get one online here.

If you're not from Düsseldorf, it's best to come by train. The main train station is five minutes away by bike, which makes it easy. For all those who have to come with their own car: please park in the adjacent parking garages, we have no parking spaces in the courtyard of the cap.

Please read: Last year's announcement.

And: Here you can find pictures and text about the SKM 2018.

A little treat: Our friends from Ritchey are giving away a WCS Venture Max handlebar, some shirts and caps to all participants. Lot number is your start number. And we'll add one or the other price, let yourself be surprised.

We look forward to a great day with you and send a sincere thank you to our supporters of Wahoo , Ritchey , Biehler and Cliff Bar .

Your hat crew

Gravel, Gravel & Moss 2019, Sunday September 1st, 2019, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Chic cap, Talstr. 22-24 rear building, 40217 Dusseldorf.

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