Düsseldorf300 – Great fun over long distances

Düsseldorf300 – Großer Spaß auf langer Strecke

When the graduates of the pilot edition of Düsseldorf300 rolled into the courtyard of the cap last year, hungry and thirsty, one look in their eyes was enough to see how much fun and fulfillment there is in the suffering of the long haul. The great idea of We already liked Cycling Club Düsseldorf to offer a gpx-based route around the state capital, which presents the beauties of our surrounding area, so we were also happy to be the destination for the positively crazy with Chic cap. And that's how the idea came up to turn Midsummer300 into Düsseldorf300, the long-distance trip around the state capital, organized in close cooperation between the CCD and the cap.

Many ideas came up in the first talks, points such as a network of refreshment stations and expanding the goal to a pasta party in the courtyard of the cap quickly became concrete. We found the limit of 150 riders that we set in spring to be relatively ambitious and courageous, and we didn't expect that our event would be completely sold out a week before the start and that requests for late registration would come in every day. Which is also causing problems for us at the moment, after all, agreements, registrations, orders, food, drinks and the entire logistics were designed for 150 people, so an expansion is not possible. Because it is also important to us that all participants can enjoy eating and drinking and that the fastest do not win and the last, for whom such a route is the greatest challenge, can hardly find anything to eat.

As far as the food on the way is concerned, we are happy with it Roland Schüren from the Schüren Bakery to have found a partner who is enthusiastic about cycling, whose banana bread is not only an excellent and vegan source of energy, but also tastes excellent. Your baker Schüren sponsors, among other things, the ME cycling team, has just got involved with Rund um der Kö and, with its commitment in the field of electromobility, is causing some car manufacturers and politicians to explain themselves.

In addition to stoking is with Cliff Bar a company as a supporter, whose bars we have in our range right from the start. Natural ingredients and good taste stand out clearly from the usual astronaut food. And the fact that the idea for the bars, founder Gary, came about during a 175-mile bicycle race is further proof of how well Clif Bar's commitment fits in with Düsseldorf300.

Another partner of ours, Veltec Wheels from Neuenrade, has been building hand-laced wheels since 1995, which are built into many of our individual structures in the cap. The friendly company from the Sauerland not only offers a good price/performance ratio, the balance between weight and durability is also very good. A two-year guarantee against broken spokes speaks for itself. And at long-distance events, functioning wheels are a guarantee for a relaxed ride.

swallow we don't have to introduce it, but we were pleased that our idea of ​​a long-distance event was so well received by the Oberberg tire manufacturer. You can look forward to a spare tube and good tire levers, two things that you will hopefully not need on the tour, but will be happy to have them with you.

A navigation system on your handlebars will certainly indicate the route. There are different providers here, if you know the hat, you know that we are all self-confessed #wahooligans. The American company has developed various navigation systems within a few years, which not only have many fans and advocates here, but also in professional circles. Simple operation, exact route guidance, good legibility, all paired with reliability Wahoo to a perfect partner. Too bad that the launch of the new Roam is delayed, it would have been the perfect device for Düsseldorf300.

So that everyone on the road recognizes that you are traveling on behalf of others, we have spared no expense or effort in realizing appropriate starting numbers. Thank you in the direction of the Schwarzwald-Super, the CCD was not only impressed by your tour, but also by the aero start numbers from Matthias Ahrberg 's advertising factor . Matthias, himself a keen cyclist and hat connoisseur thanks to his fantastic shirts and base layers, is no stranger to that, so he produced the start numbers for us – all designed by Düsseldorf300 Maggi Jarzombek .

An official tour also includes an official cap. We have this in common Biehler Cycling implemented, the company that also makes our kits. Quality "Made in Germany", an approach that convinced us. Biehler's cap differs from the classic caps in details such as the functional material used, the surrounding elastic band and the slightly longer peak. A high-quality hat for a special event.

But let's get to the routes: you will receive the gpx data by email to load your navigation systems. The data has been tested on different devices, so everything should work. The 200 and 300 routes separate at some points, many sections are identical. Here in the picture you can see the places with the individual kilometer markers.

A little look at the route of the 300 lap:

From the Hof der Mütze in the heart of Düsseldorf you roll east towards Velbert, which already offers you a few meters in altitude over the first few kilometers. After a little more than 50 kilometers you have conquered the Langenberger transmitter, immediately after that you have to visit the station there Cycle Cafe on. Holger and his crew will get you going with an espresso shot and more.

After a short break, the journey continues west via the Panorama Cycle Path and Essen-Kettwig, you cross the Rhine near Duisburg and Uerdingen and drive in the direction of Krefeld. Stefan Schendel awaits you just behind the Huelser Berg  Jedi Sports in the Parkschlösschen and will offer coffee delicacies and small delicacies in a luxurious ambience.

From Krefeld it goes north-west, at the Mariendonk Abbey the paths of the 200 and 300 laps separate, the graduates of the long distance finally lead the path over the border to the neighbors in the Netherlands. A small change of direction, then you roll south. A refreshment point awaits you in Fort Hazepoot with the idyllic Café De Fossa, about which I have to make a short comment. On one of our reconnaissance rides, we caught a glimpse of a couple of teenagers and their parents sitting by the side of the road with a flea market stall. Directly in front of a small charming, unfortunately just closed café, the Café De Fossa. After a short conversation, it was clear that the enterprising 2nd-hand puzzle marketers in front of it were the owners of the café and that we could integrate the De Fossa into our range of catering points. If you have some time at the stop, not only enjoy a vegetarian sandwich from Ulli Sylvester from our set-up table in front, but also treat yourself to a café and make Ton Basten and his family happy.

Endless expanses in the district of Kleve follow, from Aurel via Herongen and Neersen to Willich Schiefbahn to Daniel Foerster and Summiteer Cycles . Daniel and his team will provide you with small bites and isotonic drinks in front of and in his shop.

Strengthened like this, the bike rolls almost by itself, this time in a southerly direction. At Damm/Jüchen there is another route separation on the agenda, for the long-distance runners there is a detour via the Allratherhöhe and Hülchrath to the last control and refreshment point, the idyllic old boathouse in Minkel, located directly on the Erft. Here, too, water and a few treats are waiting for you to make the last 18 kilometers a single joyful tour.

When you return from 6:30 p.m., a good portion of pasta al pomodoro awaits you in the courtyard of the cap, along with Düsseldorf’s most delicious Dröppke von Uerige. At least two reasons to look forward to returning.

IMPORTANT: All of us, whose biggest enemies are a bed in the very early morning and a relaxed ride over 300 kilometers and who therefore scratch the floor in their cap with the pedal plates at 04:56 a.m. and rush off with the 38 average towards the transmitter, ask for a little patience. The opening hours of the individual control and aid stations are noted in the mail with the route, so Holger starts at 7:00 a.m. in the Cycle Café. All those who are on the completely opposite route and roll off the farm at around 9:17 a.m. ultra-chilled and cook their first coffee on the bikepacking stove at km 17: the hat closes at 10:00 p.m. We have to create a time window that covers everyone, so in extreme cases it is recommended to adjust the start time yourself.

We will photograph you along the way, you may even be on some of the film footage of the Team Kiosque included. Don't let yourself be irritated, behave normally, you don't have to wave wildly at every camera along the way.

We will create a list in the hat at the start, which you will sign before you leave. It is important that you put your signature under it again when you return, so that we know that everyone is back. If someone on the way finds the way to Aunt Irmgard in Braunschweig more interesting, we ask for a short feedback that we don't have to wait for you in the courtyard of the cap.

We recommend the social media channels to all those who are still without a starting place. Here at Strava or here on facebook there is already an exchange between the injured and disabled and the latecomers who are happy to get another ticket. We're keeping our fingers crossed for everyone, next year we might have to think about expanding the starting field, if this is possible.

We hope to be a good and competent host for a great event together with the Cycling Club Düsseldorf. Everyone, drive carefully, obey the rules of the road at all times, and be nice to everyone else. Düsseldorf300 should be a festival for all cycling enthusiasts. There is no timing, in our eyes the experience on the road is more important than the average on the speedometer. In this sense. Have fun. 200 or 300 kilometers long.

Until Sunday. We look forward to you.

Carsten / Mütze and Stephan / CCD on behalf of Schicke Mütze and the great organization team of the Cycling Club Düsseldorf.

Link to the event at the CCD

Link to the event on Strava

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