Königsallez - The cap and all about the Kö 2019

Königsallez – Die Mütze und Rund um die Kö 2019

Maybe we just got rid of a little midlife crisis. Or better: helped to get through it unscathed. No matter how you look at it - when Düsseldorf's last local race around the Kö attracts cycling enthusiasts of all ages to the Königsallee for the 49th time on June 16th, a rejuvenation should be visible and the cycling spectacle will hopefully inspire active people and spectators with a varied program. Time to take a look at a day in Düsseldorf dedicated to cycling...

The day will start at 09:00 with an amateur race over 65 laps, organized by Düsseldorfs SG Radschläger . The Federation of German Cyclists, BDR for short, has this year various reforms and summarized various classifications under the term amateur. Advantage: larger starting field and therefore more exciting race. We're looking forward to it.

Around the Kö for you - you have to be four friends

A completely new format awaits you afterwards: the first open Düsseldorf city championship. Our basic idea here is to involve the Düsseldorf cycling clubs, all cycling clubs in the area and beyond the city limits in what is happening on the Kö. We are pleased to have found an open-minded and committed partner in the Cycling Club Düsseldorf, who will take over the organization and organize the race together with us.

A chasing team race in which two teams of 4 always race against each other. You start on opposite sides of the Kö. Look forward to 12 teams with 4 drivers each - 3 laps of racing distance a 1.1 km - a total of 14 races. For clubs, cycling clubs, you and your friends. More information and registration here.

Kö races for the young talents

The Petit Départ was a program item that caused a lot of enthusiasm last year. Launched in 2016 in the run-up to the Grand Départ, the children's racing series, including its heats, is becoming a long-running hit. This year there were new participant records in the heats in the individual districts.

There will be two Petit Départ finals on the Kö, one for those born in 2007/2008 and one for those born in 2009/2010.

Your fabulous balance bike race

But the little ones also get their money's worth: for all participants under the age of 5 we are happy to be able to organize the second new event "Your fabulous balance bike race". True to the often overused motto "Being there is everything", we will make all children winners. And hope that the parents will also take a step back and not overstrain the competitive character. We don't need blushing faces from screaming fathers or mothers with pronounced ambition from football daddies and ice skating moms.

If you think your kids will have fun with 250m balance cycling on the Kö: here you can register yourself or your offspring.

Life is a crit - shooting without gears and brakes

In the afternoon we look forward to the Fixed Gear Crit of the Düsseldorf local heroes from the Life-Is-A-Ride team. Already in 2016 at the Race am Rhein, the race with track bikes without brakes was one of the highlights on the Kö, since last year it has established itself under home management and, despite the torrential rain, was able to boast an impressive starting field from all over Europe.

It's nice to see that a racing format from the subculture can have an invigorating effect on a traditional event like Rund um die Kö. And as far as the Kö is concerned: instead of letting the tires spin with the help of 550 hp in the leased car, here the really cool boys and girls are at the start, shooting over the Kö with a gear at a speed of almost 50 km/h. You can find more about the race and registration at Alex website LifeIsARide.

Another race led by the SG Radschläger follows. Actually two races. Under the title Elite Women / Seniors 4, the best women in the country, such as last year's number one Lydia Ventker, start together with the seniors over 60. What sounds chauvinistic at first glance is mainly due to the BDR racing classes and the number of starters in races. We are pleased to be able to offer a women's race on the Kö. Interested starters can buy a day license from the BDR and take part.

Our local race for third place and the title of Düsseldorf city champion will conclude the day. With the following award ceremony on stage. And non-cash prizes. In many cases, we will raffle them off so that not only the winners have a chance of winning.

And then there's the drums

The day will be musically designed by Michael Scheibenreiter and Stefan Schwander, who will provide an extraordinary soundtrack to the racing events with beats, sounds and groove.

Eating and drinking are important to us, so we are happy to have local partners like Woyton, Uerige and Bäckerei Schüren on the Kö with us. Good food and drink, without superfluous frills, of high quality - in our opinion, that is exactly what a modern event on the Kö is all about.

And then there are the exhibitors. Like last year, we will invite exciting brands to the Kö and build up a small but fine exhibitor mile. There is something to watch and test...

But on June 16, not only the Königsallee alone will be dedicated to dCe's bicycles. For the 14th time, the RadAktiv day for strolling and getting information, starting at 6:00 p.m bike night to a relaxed tour of Düsseldorf's streets. We are happy to be part of this broad alliance for more bicycles on the streets of Düsseldorf with Rund um die Kö.

We would like to say a special thank you to Mats and Annika von g31Design who created the look of Rund um die Kö. With Stephan and Christian from Cycling Club Dusseldorf for the help and a great RudK website. With Sonja, Sascha, Michael and everyone else who has helped us in the last few weeks and who make the Düsseldorf cycling event possible with their support.

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