Wednesday at 6 - Our weekly cap celebration evening round

Mittwoch um 6 – Unsere wöchentliche MützenFeierAbendRunde

From April 3rd to September 25th, 2019. Twenty-six relaxed trips along the most beautiful farm roads and small streets in the Düsseldorf area. Our contribution to the 2019 cycling season.

Our summer celebration evening round on Wednesday is starting its fourth season this year. The counterpart to winter bitch parade is a relaxed weekly trip over distances between 60 and 80 kilometers. The routes vary, lowland tours in the area on the left bank of the Rhine alternate with rounds over a few gentle hills in the direction of Ratingen. The length of the routes varies with the length of daylight, with April and September laps being shorter than July.

The focus is on having fun in the group, less numbers and statistics. In order to be able to give a guide value, let's call an average speed of 25km/h. A speed that is feasible for beginners with a little motivation and is also suitable for experienced drivers as a relaxed evening tour. If the route allows, we add a section at the end where a sprint to the finish line is possible towards the end of the exit. At the end of the day, we roll into a hat with everyone who still feels like having a drink in good company.

Please always think of light on the “short” days.

Meeting point every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m., Schicke Mütze, Talstr.22-24, 40217 Düsseldorf

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The Wednesday at 6 round is a sporty tour. We ask that the equipment meets these specifications. Bikes with racing bars/drop bars only, no straight handlebars. Tubes, tire levers and pumps are welcome accessories, but we encourage you to wear a helmet. Otherwise: have fun.

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