Cyclingworld Düsseldorf 2019. Two days of cycling²

Cyclingworld Düsseldorf 2019. Zwei Tage Fahrrad²

Two days dedicated to the bicycle. Two intensive, demanding, instructive and never boring days. Countless conversations, countless impressions. Two days that leave us amazed. Because the development that the fair has experienced in three years is unbelievable. Cyclingworld 2019 has once again put Düsseldorf on the European cycling map. With a big exclamation mark.

When on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. the participants of our excursion with Iris Slappendel gathered on the small square in front of the main entrance, the entrance area of ​​the old forging hall filled up rapidly at the same time. Fifteen minutes later, all the aisles were full and the stands were bustling with activity. This should remain so until late Saturday afternoon. And repeat on Sunday. A development that is certainly deserved due to the great trade fair last year, but was not necessarily to be expected on this scale.

Cyclingworld has a number of factors that set it apart from other trade fairs. First of all, of course, there is the grandiose backdrop of Areal Böhler. The old forging hall is the perfect and authentic backdrop for modern trade fairs that want to offer more than sober information stands. The charm of the hall with the combination of shiny floor and rustic industrial ambience rubs off on the exhibitors, you can see that more and more people are making an effort to present their bikes, their accessories and their clothing appropriately.

But beyond the seductive look, the atmosphere of Cyclingworld is contagious. This is where the conspiratorial industry get-together intersects with the performance show of the e-bike industry, here frame builders show their craft and inventors their inventions. And while a transport minister who has obviously gone completely off track throws an incredibly absurd helmet campaign into the world together with other unsuspecting non-cyclists, people are collecting at Cyclingworld departure bike Signatures for better conditions for cycling in NRW.

This gives hope, also because the tens of thousands of people who walked through the halls over two days are slowly becoming an economic factor that must be taken seriously and at the same time are evidence of the coming change in mobility. A trade fair like Cyclingworld makes bicycles and cycling sexy and is important for reaching new target groups for the nicest, fastest and most effective way of getting around. And a trade fair that is rated just as positively by all the exhibitors we spoke to as by the visitors is obviously doing a lot right.

In addition to our stand, which this time was adorned with bikes and individual bodies by Uwe Marschall , Ritchey , Genesis , Salsa , Cinelli and Omnium , we are pleased to be a fixed and established part of the supporting program of the fair right from the start. And plenty of it. On Saturday morning a ride with Iris Slappendel and her brand IRIS - I Ride In Style , on Sunday morning a classic ride together with In Velo Veritas , thanks to the Viennese colleagues from the Selberbruzzlern , the Berlin Eisenschweinkader and Germany's 70s cycling icon Klaus- Peter-Thaler could come up with an illustrious peloton. The whole thing was garnished with an event from our Schotter, Kies & Moos series, where participants could choose from two routes and then plunge into impassable terrain guided by Wahoo or something similar.

(c) Wolfgang Harste
Horst IVV: We're driving 160 kilometers right now
Klaus-Peter Thaler: Haha, with two Alpine passes
Horst IVV: Well, but with two and a half thousand meters of altitude...
Konrad: … with full pressure right from the start
Klaus-Peter Thaler: No problem, I mounted two extra 13 sprockets in case one overheats.

There was only a refreshment station for the classics, there lured pants light for a short stop in the old town in front of the Uerige. Everyone else could look forward to treats at our stand after the round. Cakes, vegetarian sandwiches from Ulli Sylvester, Fassbrause and Alt, cap apples and "a Glaserl" Saurüssel from our Austrian guests left nothing to be desired after the respective trips.

Thanks to everyone who made a great weekend possible: Torsten Abels, Stefan Maly and the entire Cyclingworld team including security, the colleagues and friends of ListNRide , wahoo , Biehler , In Velo Veritas , selfbruzzler , , Ritchey , Cosmic Sports & Salsa , Iris “I-Ride-In-Style” Slappendel , cask , silica , Lake Cycling , Veloheld , genesis bikes , 8 bar , Ulli Sylvester, Philipp Hympendahl and many more. We are already looking forward to Cyclingworld 2020 on March 21st and 22nd.

Bikes, people, sensations - snapshots from Cyclingworld 2019

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