Above Average

Above Average

We met Sebastian one afternoon in the cap after we had previously been in contact via Facebook. When he stood in front of us, everything was a little different than expected. Because at first you could hardly judge him. Calm and restraint on unknown terrain. Then the first words, sentences. What he said had hand, foot, heart and brain. After the meeting we all agreed that Sebastian is a really good guy. One of those people you're happy to get to know. And with which you can hopefully do a lot more.

Since that day we have met Sebastian again and again. He provided us with his shirts, hoodies, straps and hats. We rode bikes together and made plans to do things together. His opinion, his advice and his competence impressed and helped us, we learned from him. We weren't the only ones who were impressed by his modesty, his creativity, his professionalism and his sense of aesthetics. In the real and in the virtual world.

Road cycling was a perfect match for Sebastian, you could see that when you saw him on the bike. His style, his attitude: he was the styler who has style because he "actually doesn't" care about style. Of course he did. With dedication. And wink. And humour.

Sebastian had countless good ideas and we didn't have enough time for them. We are now realizing how little time he had himself.

Thank you Sebastian for the time we could spend together. We are sad. and miss you

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