Giro Di Caffè - The caffeine-loving exit from the Netherlands as a guest in the cap

Giro Di Caffè – Die koffeinfreudige Ausfahrt aus den Niederlanden zu Gast in der Mütze

In August 2013 we visited the Dutch Radcafé Lola in The Hague with a small delegation from Düsseldorf, where our friend Paul Sneeboer organized a trip that day as part of his Giro Di Caffè series. A welcome opportunity for us to combine a nice trip with an inspirational visit to the neighbors. After all, we already had concrete plans at the time to open a bike café ourselves in our home town of Düsseldorf.

Lola met our expectations, good shop, good coffee, a nice meeting place not only for cycling enthusiasts. Both behind and in front of the counter, friendly people enjoyed the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere, just the way we like it. The exit was also fun, a really brisk lap in small groups, with a short stop at the sea on the way. And after the return, salads and snacks awaited the passengers. Which we enjoyed enjoying in the garden behind Lola. A thoroughly successful day in Holland.

We are, of course, delighted that almost two years later we can now welcome Paul Sneeboer in the chic cap to also invite you to the Giro Di Caffè. So we're not just the first store outside of the Netherlands to offer Paul's great clothing line BlueOn Bike leads, but also the first address that organizes this exit for coffee-loving cyclists and cycling coffee lovers in Germany.

What is it all about?

The Giro Di Caffè starts in small groups of about 8 riders. Advantage: you are flexible and fast on the road. Of course, these small groups have to be put together homogeneously, but we are confident that with your help and self-assessment we can do it wonderfully. In addition, we offer different route lengths so that everyone can ride a tour that suits his/her ability level on the day. In order to offer our neighbors from the Netherlands some variety from our own legendary climbs, we will limit ourselves to hilly terrain, so you won't be able to avoid the beloved ramps.

The Giro Di Caffè is a brisk ride, but not a race. Each group stays together throughout the round, no one is left behind. Start together, arrive together.

After returning to the cap, there will be salads and snacks for all participants, and we will end the Saturday afternoon with a relaxed chat.

On his website , Paul offers the possibility to buy tickets for the exit in advance. There you can choose whether you want to drive long or short. The cost of participation is €20 per starter, which includes a voucher for an espresso before the start, an exclusive Giro Di Caffè cap and snacks after the tour.

It is important for us that you register in advance so that we can calculate both the food and the number of local drivers as a group leader. As a second option, in addition to registering via Paul's website, we offer you the service of making a binding reservation for you. Please send us an email with the subject “Giro Di Caffè 2015” to info (at) schickemuetze dot de. We will then forward these registrations to Paul, and you can then pay the fee of € 20 on site on June 6th. Registrations via facebook are nice and we are happy too, but in this case they are of no value to us. The past has shown that everyone clicks on participate quite casually and without obligation, without really dealing with the event, so the number of participants on facebook is not necessarily good for calculations.

We hope that you are just as satisfied on your journey home in the evening as we were in August 2013 and that you can also look back on a nice day, a nice tour in a nice team and a worthwhile visit to a nice bike café.

Giro Di Caffè, Saturday 6 June, meeting at 11:00 a.m., start at 11:45 a.m., route length between almost 60 and a good 100 kilometers.

We look forward to seeing you, to hopefully many guests from the Netherlands and to Paul's visit.

Your cap brigade

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