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Cycling is not just a form of transportation, no, it can also make you happy. It doesn't matter whether it's a relaxed tour in the great outdoors or a brisk commute to work in the city. We know what we're talking about, we ride a lot. We're not interested in sensible bikes based purely on technical data, bikes are far too important to us for that. We like bikes that make sense and are fun.

The bicycle is an ingenious, simple and timeless invention. It is suitable as a piece of sports equipment as well as a solvent for the traffic problems that are becoming more and more evident, not only here in Düsseldorf. The bicycle is also great because it is a simple, reliable and robust means of transport. And affordable. We are not afraid of modern technology, but we value proven and good solutions. Improvements need to make the wheel better, not more complicated.

In the first few months since the Chic Hat has been around, we have worked with our customers to build some very nice individual bikes that meet the needs of their riders. These projects arose from the wishes of our customers, be it the classic for the L'Eroica, the all-rounder for year-round use on gravel roads, the solid men's bike for picnic tours or the robust and just as smart single speed for use in the city. We restored old steel frames, had them painted according to specifications and built them up with modern parts. We implemented light and minimalist concepts as well as the randonneur with mudguards and luggage rack for long journeys. Our customers are satisfied and enthusiastic. And they ride the bikes they got from us with pleasure and often. This is important to us.

We chose the brands we work with because their frames and complete bikes are a good fit for us, because their approach is similar. You and we are concerned with the special bike that meets the needs of the customer. No 0815 off-the-shelf mass-produced goods, no boasting about absurd technical values, no “cheap is cool” price dumping, but good bikes at a reasonable price. Gladly with an appealing smart look. That's why we work with companies like Veloheld, Genesis, Pelago, Surly, Creme and Ku-Bikes. Certainly not run-of-the-mill brands, but we are not a run-of-the-mill shop either. It's actually quite simple: we're happy when our customers enjoy their bikes for a long time. And enjoy the ride with it just as much as we do. Then it's alright.

If you want a good bike, stop by. And if you have a bike that is close to your heart and could use a proper refreshment, come by too. We are happy to advise and help you.

The chic cap team

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