Women's 100 - International Women's Day of Smiles

Women’s 100 – Weltfrauentag des Lächelns

Rapha did a pretty good job of that. For a few years there has been an International Women's Day for road cyclists, on which women all over the world get on their bikes with a very special goal: to get at least 100 km on the clock today. This year it falls on July 26th.

If you want to experience this day not only virtually in the midst of the global community of women who are enthusiastic about racing bikes, but also really in a colorful bunch of cheerful racing cyclists and don't want to worry about which route you could choose for it, you've come to the right place.

We have worked out a route that offers something for every woman: A few hills at the beginning, a short break for refreshments halfway through and the rest in the flat field and meadow landscape on the left bank of the Rhine, mostly on low-traffic and therefore communication-friendly farm roads.

Driving off together, arriving together is the motto. We want to see you smile. We want to celebrate the fun of road cycling and support those for whom 100 km is still a real challenge by providing a slipstream and encouragement as a group. The more the better.

Please let us know in some way if you intend to take part, for example by clicking on the participation button in the Facebook event or by email. Please also register on the Rapha website, each one separately. Afterwards, you also report your success there and receive a small recognition badge from Rapha. You can also accept the Women's 100 as a challenge at Strava, but this does not replace registration. (Correction 07/20/2015: There will not be a challenge at Strava this year.)

Last year, 8,000 women took part worldwide. This year it will be 16,000. That's what Rapha is committed to. We like to keep it humble. In 2013 we were three. In 2014, 16 women rode the “Mütze 100” with us (by the way, that was the very first event of the Chic Hats!). And this year? We just let ourselves be surprised.

Women's 100 @ Chic Hat – Women Only, Sunday 26th July 2015, Meet 10:30am, Start 11am, 100km (or a few more) at a moderate pace, followed by coffee & cake in the Hat. (Meals break on the way at your own expense - so pocket a few euros)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/861542527217798/?action_history=null

Register with Rapha: http://pages.rapha.cc/en/womens100

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