we become one The hat is celebrating a birthday.

Wir werden eins. Die Mütze feiert Geburtstag.

When we started with the hat a year ago, we knew the rough direction in which our journey should go, the first few kilometers were well planned. A really precise preparation of the route fell victim to the tight schedule, as is often the case. In addition, there was still so much to do before the start that we hadn't expected. But to be honest, it was clear to us from the start that extensive improvisational talent would be required along the way in order to react to the different requirements of the track.

Some of the mountains on our way really sucked, but over time we became confident that where there was an up there was a way down for us. The occasional headwind was not without it, but there was also enough tailwind that we enjoyed, sometimes to really pick up speed, sometimes to let ourselves be pushed easily. We took far too few breaks, but that's how it is sometimes when there's not enough time and you have a rough goal in mind. Now the first year of our tour is over, we are becoming more experienced in route planning and slipstreaming, we are becoming more relaxed and sometimes slow down, allow ourselves a breather and sometimes roll very relaxed. And continue to make good progress.

We are no longer alone, but slowly but surely more and more people are joining us and accompanying us, sometimes just for a short distance, sometimes really firmly in the team. We still don't know exactly where we're going, but we don't lose sight of our direction. Sometimes our legs are heavy, but actually we are fit and feel good. At least, most of the time.

One year – a reason for us to celebrate. With you. With everyone who made this possible. With everyone who feels comfortable here and appreciates what we do. Everyone we drove, talked to, drank with, exchanged views on forums and social networks with over the past year. And also with all those who are totally embarrassed that they still haven't managed to stop by. Now is a perfect time, when you come you don't even notice. And we look forward to you coming anyway.

We don't have anything big planned, we'll just offer some tasty things, get beer and wine, we'll have a barbecue, listen to music, watch the Tour De France and talk a lot. About bikes, cycling and the world.

Come along, we look forward to seeing you. And hope you all come.

The birthday children Dieter, Sylvia, Kerstin, Konrad, Jan and Carsten

Saturday, July 11, 2015. From 11:00 a.m. In the afternoon there is music until late in the evening…

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