Worth knowing about Thei Sprint. Directly from the producer - live in the cap.

Wissenwertes über Thei-Sprint. Direkt vom Erzeuger – Live in der Mütze.

We at the cap like handwork, honest things, small companies and good stories. And we like cycling. When it all comes together, we're simply thrilled... by, for example Thei Sprint .

We've been going to classic events for years, so it's always easy to bump into the same people. And if luck would have it, you might notice that behind the advert for a bike is someone you met at a parts fair. That's how it was with the operators of Thei-Sprint. Like us, they came to make more of their hobby through their passion for bikes.

It is well known that leisure time is completely overrated, so you can tie a bike shop with a café to your steel calf. Or take over a couple of knitting machines from the 1960s from local cycling hero Heinz Theisen (photo above) to revive his old company Thei-Sprint. Sound like a good idea? We thought so too. That's why we invited the makers to our cap so that they can tell a few stories over a chat. You bring something to look at, a few bikes are exhibited etc.pp. We'll then accompany that with some treats and drinks and hope you all have a good time.

Saturday, November 29, 2014, 12:00 p.m. In the hat. See you.

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