Nikolaus: Our day of the very special hat

Nikolaus: Unser Tag der ganz besonderen Mütze

Of course, we also celebrate the day in honor of the ultimate hat fan, St. Nicholas. Alex Worgitzki , a busy Düsseldorf courier, “Life is a ride” creator and a fast man not only on the bike but also on the sewing machine, will make you happy with his unique, handmade hats. He brings his sewing machine with him and will sew some models here on site according to your ideas. So if you have a suitable favorite fabric that you always wanted to have a great cycling cap out of, bring it with you. Alex will try to realize as many hats as possible here on site, otherwise he is happy to take orders with him and sew you your unique piece at the end of the day.

In the cap there will be fresh hot waffles, mulled wine and other delicacies to spoil your palate.

At the same time, we put together a small package for winter drivers. Anyone who treats themselves to new gloves and overshoes with us on Saturday will receive a fancy hat from us. While stocks last…

We look forward to you. And have a nice and relaxed St. Nicholas Day in the hat.

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