A film: Tour Du Faso. And at least five wheels for Africa.

Ein Film: Tour Du Faso. Und mindestens fünf Räder für Afrika.

On Wednesday 10th December we will spend an evening exploring Africa and bikes. First we show the film "Tour Du Faso", a great documentary about Africa's biggest bike race. We save you the entrance fee, but will ask you for a donation after the film. This donation goes to World Bicycle Relief, an organization that mobilizes people in rural Africa with simple, new bicycles. Our goal is to donate at least five bikes that evening, with the first one already funded as the film distributor waives its license fee and throws it directly into the donation cap. In addition, we will auction a few things that we received for this purpose. The yield also goes completely into the pot. Let's hope that our guest Lena Kleine Kalmer from WBR leaves the cap with a big grin after the evening. And all of you too, because you saw a good film and supported a great campaign in Africa.

Tour du Faso tells the story of misfits and enthusiastic cyclists - African and European alike - at one of the biggest nationwide events in Burkina Faso. Amid the contradictions between European perfectionism and African reality, German amateur adventurers, French ex-professionals and African local heroes fight passionately to make their dreams come true. Every team wants to win for themselves. While the Germans fight for their own careers, the Burkinese pedal for the honor of their country. However, the film itself does not only ask about the winners, but also unfolds the aesthetics of cycling and the tireless fighting spirit of the opponents in the breathtaking African landscape of Burkina Faso.

World Bicycle Relief has shipped more than 200,000 Buffalo Bicycles to developing countries since its inception in 2005. The focus is on rural regions of African countries, where people lack access to reliable and affordable means of transport the most. Buffalo Bikes are high quality cargo bikes specially designed for sandy trail conditions and assembled at manufacturing facilities in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Angola. The Buffalo Wheel gives people access to education, health care and economic development, mobilizing not just the recipient but the entire family and community. With a bicycle, people travel four times faster, they save valuable time and can organize their jobs and businesses more efficiently.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 8:00 p.m., Talstr.22-24 Hinterhaus, 40217 Düsseldorf.

Further information:

Tour du Faso trailer

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