We sell the winter cheaper. From now on.

Wir verkaufen den Winter billiger. Ab sofort.

The year has barely started when it's time to say goodbye to winter. So we just tick it off. And creatively call it WINTER CLOSING SALE. With 25% DISCOUNT. On all winter clothes with the sticker on it. Strike, because one thing is certain: the next winter will definitely come. And you're happy when you have smart, warm clothes.

IMPORTANT: We firmly believe that immediately after the end of the official WINTER CLOSING SALE PROMOTION SPECIAL ACTION, i.e. when everything is sold, winter will immediately disappear and make room for spring. But we don't give any guarantee. Because the official start of spring this year is March 20th. So you probably have more than enough time to do countless laps with your newly acquired bargains before the tulips sprout and you can ride your beautiful bike in the sunshine, lightly dressed.

Stop by while stocks last.

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