And now all! The countdown to the Grand Depart…

Und jetzt alle! Der Countdown zum Grand Départ…

We still get questioning and skeptical looks when we claim that Düsseldorf is expecting the biggest event the city has ever experienced in just over thirty days. It is of course clear that we put it this way, after all we are closely connected with the topic of cycling and are among those who look forward to being good hosts for the large number of international racing bike enthusiasts who will visit our hometown. In other countries, the Grand Départ is rated similarly to the final of a soccer World Cup. We're the only ones who've been relatively reserved and defensive. But we also notice that the interest in the subject of Grand Départ in the city is increasing day by day and grabbing more and more people. Table tennis is still being played all over the city on the occasion of the upcoming World Cup, but you can see more and more riders whizzing through Düsseldorf on racing bikes every day. A development that we are happy to support.

Competent support to ignite enthusiasm in Düsseldorf is now also coming from England, the country that has experienced an unbelievable boom in cycling in recent years. The busy bike clothing manufacturer Rapha, who has already visited us several times with its Mobile Cycle Club, is based in the NRW Forum for a month with a pop-up store. Reason enough to put together a small, fine series of rides with your colleagues. Under the title Up + Down: Rapha x chice cap, we will invite you to four racing bike tours in the Düsseldorf area. Sometimes we start with the cap, sometimes at the NRW Forum, which is currently presenting a remarkable highlight of the Tour de France side events with the “ Mythos Tour De France ” exhibition, which is well worth seeing.

The aim of our joint trips with Rapha is to show the surroundings of Düsseldorf in a relaxed and sporty atmosphere, from the Lower Rhine to the foothills of the Bergisches Land there is quite a bit. Please register in advance for the tours, we already have more than 100 participants after a few days. It helps if we know how big the peloton we're starting with is. The link to register is below. At the same time, we will be offering relaxed evening tours on Wednesdays as part of our "Rookies, Chillah, Tempokillah" series, to which we invite all guests of the city.

Photo: Steffen Weigold

Let's all look forward to a month of racing bikes, a month full of great and exciting appointments to do with the narrow tires that mean the world to some. We hope that all of Düsseldorf will be infected by the enthusiasm that is being carried into the city and will show itself from its best, cosmopolitan side. We hope that the Grand Départ will have a lasting effect and help to lead to a rethinking of mobility behavior and to give cyclists more recognition and acceptance. And we hope that the city's people and media will not complain about issues such as the lack of parking spaces, but show themselves to be worthy hosts of the world's largest sporting event in 2017.

We have the Tour de France as guests - let's welcome them.

Registrations for the Up + Down: Rapha x Chic Hat rides: here.

Link to the first appointment on Facebook: here.

Rapha Pop-Up Store Opening Party: Friday 2 June 2017 from 6.30pm. NRW Forum Dusseldorf .

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