Soso, now the chic cap makes thick pants.

Soso, jetzt macht die Schicke Mütze auf Dicke Hose.

Since the finale of the 2014 classic road trip season, we've been receiving regular inquiries about what else we'd like to put on our bikes, when and where this year. Of course, countless cyclists are already looking forward to the really bad weather and the beginning of winter, so that they can finally conquer the economic routes of the Lower Rhine with the Winter Bitch Parade. But that can't be all...

So we're going to be "big pants" soon: a fast and ambitious trip for experienced drivers. The distance is around 100km, often garnished with a good amount of altitude. It is driven briskly, but of course not in race mode. We go on the journey in smaller groups, which can be put together according to ability level. Details on the "Big Pants" round and a first date will follow soon.

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