But now everything really comes together… bike, reading and the right posture.

Jetzt kommt aber wirklich alles zusammen… Fahrrad, Lesung und die richtige Haltung.

When we started the chic cap, the topic of cycling culture was an integral part of our considerations. We wanted to give a podium to all people who deal with the broad topic of cycling. At the Berlin Bicycle Show we met Bettina Hartz, a journalist and author who is just as enthusiastic about bicycles as we are. And it was immediately clear: we have to do something together.

On September 27th Bettina will visit us with her great book "On the bike - A question of attitude". Let's quote the FAZ, which described the book beautifully in its review: "Not a book for mechanics, but for cycling poets."

Although Bettina Hartz also conveys interesting facts about the bicycle and its history, the passion for cycling in the city shines out at us from the book. Connected with all the adversities that everyday life brings with it, but also with all the enthusiasm that floating on thin tires in the city triggers in all of us.

Düsseldorf is known to be taking part in city cycling. And in recent months, here in our perfectly suited flat and compact city, the issue of cycling is no longer seen as a quirk of some alternative whim, but as a serious alternative to urban transport. It remains to be hoped that Düsseldorf will also have the courage to establish the necessary infrastructure. If you still need a few arguments and ideas or just want to meet people who are enthusiastic about this wonderful way of moving, you can come to us on September 27th. invited at 8:30 p.m.

We are already looking forward to it when Bettina tells us about the curves and parabolas with shining eyes, about the feeling she has when she rolls her bike through the streets of Berlin. So come along and spend a great evening with us. Admission is free, by the way, after the reading we go around in fancy hats.

See you!

The cap

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