Rapha Women's 100 - Chic hat invites you to the ride.

Rapha Women’s 100 – Schicke Mütze lädt zur Ausfahrt.

When I started racing again a few years ago, clothing initially played a subordinate role. I didn't have any ambitions to wrap myself in skin-tight jackets and motley jerseys covered with sponsors, just to roll through Düsseldorf in a bad mood just because of the outfit. Individualism olé, track pants and hoodie just looked better. At some point I stumbled across a video of the relatively young company Rapha on the internet. Guys who looked different wore clothes that looked different. The films are black and white, minimalistic, cool. An aesthetic inspired by classic cycling from the 1960s. Wool jerseys with a stripe and a lettering. Less is more. I liked it. Even if I'm actually much too old for such nonsense.

The sporty cyclist will now remark that I fell for the despicable marketing and was ripped off. After all, you can also get a quick ride from the discounter and bargain jersey from the mail order company in Buxe. Killer argument. Well, not quite. Rapha made me faster. A few movies catapulted me onto my bike in the worst weather. When I see well-filmed people riding through wastelands in temperatures around 0° and drizzle, I immediately want to get on my bike. Gladly in really crappy weather. suffer more beautifully.

It's precisely these reasons why I think campaigns like “Women's 100” are good. It gets people on their bikes. No one is forced to ride at the events in Rapha, no one is dictated to. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get more people excited about cycling in order to "enlarge the core market". But what's wrong with that? Is it so much better to walk obscure sponsors on your shirt without getting any money for it?

In Düsseldorf on July 20th we will all ride together as part of the Rapha “Women's 100”. The route is a little over 100km, we drive stress-free, but it will be a sporting event. And we are happy when many women join us. We are convinced that we will have a good day together. It might end up hurting too. But everyone can be happy that they drove three digits. And put your feet up at the end. When the gentlemen get coffee and cake.

Womens100 I Rapha Women's 100, Sunday 20 July. Chic cap, Talstr.22-24 Hinterhaus, 40217 Düsseldorf. Meet 10:30am, Depart 11:00am. Flat route, many farm roads, few country roads. Small coffee break after about 70km. Back at Chic Hat then cake and chats and mutual cheering.


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