From now on at Chic Hat: Rouleur.

The most beautiful cycling magazine. From England.

There are things where the English will always be ahead of us. Now please don't make clever jokes about football, I'm thinking of magazines, for example. Yes, so-called print media. Since the invention of pop culture, no one has written its content as beautifully and tastefully, authentically and creatively as the English. It's no different in cycling. The Rouleur magazine, a coveted collector's item for friends of beautiful things, illuminates current and classic cycling events, company stories and driver portraits in a well-founded, competent and great way. Informative, creative texts, great pictures and columnists like the ex-Clash road manager Johnny Green make even non-racing cyclists weak.

Every issue is now available from us. And of course we also have the driving style. And the spoke. Reading material for cyclists.

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