Great cinema - a day with Time Trial, David Millar and you.

Großes Kino – ein Tag mit Time Trial, David Millar und euch.

Late on Wednesday evening we stood on the street in front of the Uerige with a lot of friends and a last beer in hand. And had a grin on their face. Because we were able to look back on a very special day. From the morning in the hat to the evening at the cinema.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. And special thanks to David. You are as authentic as one would hope after reading your books. That was really good.

Time Trial is now running in German cinemas. Go in and see him. In Düsseldorf from now on metropolitan . Go to the cinema with your club, your friends, talk to your cinema. It's worth seeing this film on the big screen with a good bang in the sound. You can find cinema dates here: , you can contact the distributor here:

For everyone who was there or would have liked to be there, our pictures of the day. (C) Kerstin Kortekamp.

Wolfgang and Günter from Challenge Magazine were guests, took pictures and are writing an article that will follow here soon:

You can find more pictures of the day by the great photographer Michelle Magulski here:

An overview of David's projects and his CHPT3 brand can be found here:

Time Trial will be released on DVD/BluRay on September 7, 2018 via Alive/Mindjazz. #supportyourlocalmoviestore

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