The hat is graveling again. With the gravel bike through the Düsseldorf area.

Die Mütze schottert wieder. Mit dem Gravelbike durchs Düsseldorfer Umland.

In the summer months, we often find it difficult to realize our diverse ideas next to the shop with the team from the cap, simply because the cap and you, our customers, need our full attention. We would have liked to have added one or two more events over the past few weeks, especially when we see how positive the feedback was for ours, for example Women's movement Rennrad , which we were able to implement thanks to the support of Wild Women Wuppertal. What has definitely been on our minds for quite some time is a new nice gravel tour. Voila...

On September 2nd the time has come. We go gravel. A day with two varied routes, which should provide about 75 and 120 kilometers of pure fun with a touch of suffering. A few decent hours on the bike, away from traffic, away from major roads. We would like to invite you to get to know the many beautiful places that our home town, but also our neighboring towns such as Meerbusch and Ratingen, have to offer off the beaten track. Look forward to forest paths, Rhine meadows, nasty climbs and descents with and without gravel, disgusting hairpin bends and everything else that we have to offer in the surrounding area in terms of unpaved bike routes.

To the routes

The requirements of the 75-kilometre lap will also be somewhat relaxed compared to the longer route. At the beginning you can expect a few small nasty waves and climbs, but after a small detour in the direction of Ratingen, the route leads you after a stop at the refreshment and control station over the Rhine and will use the flat single trails on the banks of the Rhine including some sandy sections. Pushing is sometimes part of the concept on gravel rounds, so there is no need to be afraid. But you should be familiar with your bike and have already conquered one or the other off-road path. Then the approximately 75 kilometers should be really fun. Gather three friends around you and hopefully you won't be able to get the grin off your face.

The 120-kilometer round is clearly aimed at the sporty spirits of the gravel scene. Ambitious friends of really coarse scree should also get their money's worth in the individual sections, with some nasty gravel segments on both the climbs and descents. Of course, everything can be driven with a gravel bike, nobody has to hit the ground with very rough equipment. But there are demands on people and material. The route initially also leads to the east, but the detour in the direction of Ratingen is a bit more spacious than the short tour and takes you to Essen-Kettwig. After returning to Düsseldorf and the refreshment station, you will also cross the Rhine with a visit to the left bank of the Rhine.

To the mode

In order to avoid stressful situations with walkers, hikers and dog owners as far as possible, we have decided against a guided group excursion. Instead, you start on September 2nd at intervals of three minutes in a maximum of twenty groups of four. You can complete the entire trip in fours, which certainly promises the most fun with friends and acquaintances, but you can split up on the way and continue on your own or in other constellations. Since a GPX device with a navigation function is required for the route, this should be ensured so that nobody wanders around alone in the forest. “Getting lost” is not “part of the deal” here.

And otherwise?

You can get more information on the Eventbrite page of the event where you can buy the ticket for €15 can acquire. If you are registered there and have paid the amount, we will provide you with the GPX data of both tours three days before the start of the SKuM. The exact route lengths of the tours may vary slightly until then, as we are still optimizing and planning. You should then load the round you have selected on a corresponding navigation system in advance. On the morning before the event, we will verbally provide all participants with further information and hand over the starting documents.

On the way, a refreshment and control station will provide you with water and some tasty snacks. However, you should be well prepared with enough water, some bars, spare tube, pump, repair kit, mini tool and possibly a chain lock. The weather in September can surprise you, so please pack clothing appropriate to the advertised conditions.

Experience has shown that such articles are always followed by inquiries about which bikes you can take part with. And which equipment makes sense. We're just making a recommendation here: a gravel bike or crosser with tires between 32 and 40 mm should be perfect. Details then make up the weather and personal preferences. We make no secret of our preference for the racing stirrup, but we will also be allowing MTBs to participate in this event. As you know, we are always concerned with the people and not so much with the material. And if you want to drive such a lap with the Renner with 28 tires with full conviction: welcome.

“Schotter, Kies & Moos” is an exit and not a race. We don't take times and don't keep ranking lists, but are happy if you enjoy the day on the bike without stress and rushing. Those of you who would like to ride a brisk section in between will get their money's worth with Strava segments created by us. These are set up by us in such a way that no one is disturbed. You will receive details with the starting documents.

All drivers travel at their own risk and undertake not to impair the nature they drive through. Please don't throw anything away, don't leave tubes lying around after breakdowns. We would like to have more such events follow, so we are also dependent on your help. Something like this can only grow if nobody finds such an event disturbing.

Such off-road laps are certainly more difficult to realize in urban areas than in sparsely populated recreational areas with significantly less car traffic. We have tried to put together two varied routes that will give you a lot of fun and minimize problematic encounters as much as possible. Treat hikers, walkers, dog owners and drivers as benevolently as you wish and expect. We all depend on the understanding of other people when we are out and about, this is the only way a day can be a complete success.

After returning to the hat, a small buffet awaits you to replenish the calorie store. A chat, a beer together, an exchange about the experiences of the day: we are looking forward to your stories.

We would like to thank our partners for their support wahoo , Biehler Cycling and Ritchey , whose commitment helps to set up such an event.

At the same time, we are planning another gravel round in the Eifel for October 14th, in cooperation with BSV Profil Hürtgenwald. More on that soon...

Here you can buy the limited tickets

Here is the link to the event on Facebook

Click here for the event on Strava

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