A little Düsseldorf bike success story – Cyclingworld 2018

Eine kleine Düsseldorfer Fahrrad-Erfolgsgeschichte – Die Cyclingworld 2018

When we launched in March 2013 under the banner of the classic exit visited the Berlin Bicycle Show for the first time, we walked through the halls at the Gleisdreieck with wide eyes. Good location, successful mix of exhibitors, great atmosphere: this is how we imagined a modern bicycle fair for end customers. A cycling-enthusiastic community formed worldwide, whose view of the bike was not only of a technical nature, but also emotional. The new light became beautiful, aesthetics met nerdism, pop culture and sport. In Europe, the BFS gave this scene, to which we felt a part with our approaches and ideas from the start, a point of contact, a meeting place. Our own stand together with the Viennese friends of Selberbruzzler and "In Velo Veritas" at the BFS 2015, less than a year after the opening of the cap, made us proud and happy as a small Düsseldorf shop and gave us the feeling that we were really there be. The evenings on which one rolled through the Berlin traffic on the bike with other enthusiasts after the trade fair days had a very special flair. If we had been told that it would only be a few years before our hometown offered something similar, we would have laughed out loud in disbelief. And we certainly wouldn't have been the only ones.

And it rolls in Düsseldorf

Starting a new bike fair as part of the preparations for the start of the Tour de France in Düsseldorf sounded like a bold but good idea last year. So far, North Rhine-Westphalia has not shown itself to be particularly creative when it comes to bike fairs, the “Fahrrad Essen” has made a name for itself more as a sales fair for excess inventory than for promoting newcomers. Cyclingworld 2017 positioned itself fresher right from the start, the interest of small, innovative companies in the fair and the persistence of Stefan Maly and Torsten Abels ensured an appealing mix at the debut. Even though the city of Düsseldorf struggled to include the fair in the ranks of official Grand Départ events, the first edition was a success because it managed to fill an obvious vacuum after an appealing presentation of the bicycle theme in our area.

The Cyclingworld team obviously didn't feel like doing an acceptable "one-shot" but immediately started planning the second edition for 2018. And while many in Dusseldorf got back to their usual rut after the tour started and criticized the costs and benefits of the Grand Départs massively slowed down the momentum for the topic of bicycles, Cyclingworld 2018 followed suit. More international exhibitors, an even better mix, exciting newcomers, Düsseldorf dealers, a diverse supporting program: it was a perfect fit.

In connection with Cyclingworld, the media likes to write about a lifestyle trade fair, but we think that's not enough. Here it is less about the "hype about bicycles" but about a competent and appealing presentation of the topic of bicycles in all its facets, as sports equipment or mobility solutions, from minimalist racers to hi-tech folding bikes and cargo bikes to e-bikes. Connected to everything that goes with it, from clothing to locks, lights and bags. The fair invites visitors to discover, simply because it curates instead of just depicting existing market conditions. The atmosphere in and around the halls was great, also because Düsseldorf was able to show itself from its best side in the sunshine. In addition, there was a top job from the entire trade fair team, from ticketing to information to security, everyone involved seemed wonderfully relaxed and in a good mood. Something like this has an impact on visitors and exhibitors, the conversations at the stand were all positive. Conclusion: a total success.

Of course, there was again far too little time for us to take a detailed look at the other stands and to chat with the many colleagues, but that's the same with every exhibitor. After all, not only did our stand want to be looked after with the individual structures from Ritchey, Cinelli, Soma, Genesis, Kocmo, Aurora, Omnium, chic hats, socks, Lake shoes and the Apidura bags, but there were also two hat rides. A 77km road bike ride on Saturday afternoon and a 50km gravel ride on Sunday morning. We have both with us listnride organized and with the help of wahoo , Biehler , Lake , Ritchey and Votec and numerous dedicated helpers.

Cake & Rockets, Crushed Gravel & Moss

The response to the rides was great again, more than seventy riders on the “cake & rocket” road circuit and a good fifty on the “Schotter, Kies & Moos” gravel ride resulted in two impressive groups. The atmosphere on both rides was great, and there were almost no negative contacts with other road users. After returning to Areal Böhler, we were pleased to receive countless compliments on route planning and organization, both from those who roll off such routes quite easily and from those who sometimes had to bite to keep going. And with the delicious Dröppke Uerige at the finish, everyone had a big grin on their faces anyway.

During the two bike days in Düsseldorf, we enjoyed being a little host for our friends in the bike community and showing the diversity of our hometown. Both during the rides and in the evenings. It is great to experience that you not only work in a positive mood and are inspired by a similar passion, but that you can also enjoy the evenings together with food and drink and exciting conversations. It was fun with you.

But we don't want to hide the fact that a lot has fallen by the wayside. Social media hardly worked in the two days, so almost nobody noticed that we made a great hat with Ritchey, limited to 150 pieces. Regardless, now you know, a few are still available in the cap. Also annoying: Unfortunately, we only got the last two laps of the “Biehler Triple C” cross race, we have to coordinate that better next year. And we met many with whom we would have liked to chat longer, but there was always a phone ringing or someone waiting for us. sorry

It goes on - Cyclingworld 2019

After the fair is before the fair. You can tell Stefan Maly and Torsten Abels, they are already thinking ahead, the date for 2019 is set. We are looking forward to it and will also consider what else we can do on the subject of cycling at Cyclingworld. And we are looking forward to the exciting days next year, when Europe's cycling scene will look to our hometown...

Greetings and thanks to: Stefan Maly, Torsten Abels, Benjamin Widholm and the entire organization and security team at Cyclingworld, to colleagues from Listnride, wahoo, Biehler Sports, Lake Cycling, Ritchey Logic, Pelago & die Velohelden, HJC, Brooks & RTI, Hirschsprung, Royal Bikewear (*curts*), Lucho Dillitos, FingersCrossed, Omnium, LifeIsARide, SON, Sore Bikes, Genesis Bikes UK (brilliant service, James & Alex!), Uerige (we are Jrön through and through), Kocmo, “Mud” Ziegert, Winora, Carolin “TheKewer” Kewer, PEdALED, Fizik, COH + Co, our favorite Look one man sales army, the guys from RCC and GoodTimesRoll, Hiplock, Muc-Off, Rondo and the Sports Nut Team, Vello, Traffic, Bombtrack, Cinelli, Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, Westside, Schauff, Ison, Porno Al Forno, the Sennhütte, Pizzeria Pesto and Hütte91. And everyone who helped us in front of and behind the scenes as well as with the rides so that everything could go so relaxed and easy on the stage. Including the unknown cyclists, dog owners, walkers and loafers who let us pass with positive benevolence and astonished looks.

Very big: the teenager's barbecue party in Gruissem, where we simply pitched up with more than 70 party crashers as part of the "Cake & Rockets" round and were supplied with water. You will now become famous for the hospitality, the water and the delicious cucumber slices. We'll come back next year for the exit, maybe even a quick shower, but we'll ring the bell first!

We look forward to Cyclingworld 2019. With all of you. On March 23 and 24, 2019.

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