Reading Tim Moore is a pleasure... You too will laugh tears at the scruffy, gazpacho-slurping character that Moore makes in Vuelta Skelter.

Iain Marshall


Vuelta Skelter is really three books in one. It's the story of Tim Moore's own epic, 2,760-mile, lung-crunching, thigh-wracking journey... It's a multi-faceted, kaleidoscopic look at the legacy of the Spanish Civil War... And it's also a tribute to Julián Berrendero - a tough, sullen loner who refused to give an inch, either to the mountains or to those in power... Moore's goal is to restore JB to his rightful place in the ranks of cycling legends. He succeeds impressively. *Book of the Week*

Roger Alton

Daily Mail

Tim Moore's Vuelta Skelter - an unnecessarily difficult journey, an unsuitable bike, a miserably underprepared rider... Just great.

The author


Twenty horrific years spanned Tim Moore's trilogy of cycling grand tours—a span of time that made him forget how awful he felt at the 2000 Tour de France ("Alpine Passes and Anchovies") and how stupid he looked at the Giro d'Italia in 1914 with historical equipment (»Gironimo!«). In between, he stumbled through Spain with a stubborn four-legged friend (»Two donkeys on the Way of St. James«), curved along the Iron Curtain on a folding bike made in the GDR (»With the folding bike into the cold«) and with a Ford Model T right through the USA ("T wie Trouble") and has mysteriously avoided the realization that these things don't get easier with age.…