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A must-have for all retro fans and those who want to become one: The bicycle restorer Gianluca Zaghi chats inside the box. […] Rarely seen such a beautiful workshop book!


Fascinating insights into the magic of dealing with time-honoured bicycle technology.



In well-structured chapters, those who are already infected are encouraged to create more themselves, and newcomers are encouraged to look for an object.

Auto Classic


Also a reading recommendation due to its appealing presentation and the many photos worth seeing.

It started with a fight...

The book celebrates the refurbishment of beautiful old bikes with suitable, well-made pictures, texts worth reading and essays by more or less well-known types from the vintage scene.

Bike Blog Berlin

The atmospheric photographs are by no means everything; After all, the book is a guide to becoming active as a restorer yourself.


March 2019

Great workmanship, very valuable and beautiful to touch and look at. […] In any case, the book manages to make you want to get your hands dirty and to look for a free space in your apartment for a workshop.

Martin Granada


The author

Gianluca Zaghi

Gianluca Zaghi, born in 1969, is a passionate cyclist and lover of cycling. Having lived as an artist in New York and London, he is now recognized as one of the world's finest and most influential restorers of vintage bicycles. Since 2014 he has rebuilt several hundred classic racing and touring bikes for customers from more than sixty countries in his workshop "VSB Vintage Speed Bicycles". Gianluca Zaghi lives and works in Ticino.