With many great experiences and deep thoughts about racing bikes. Perfect as a small dose of cycling in between.

road bike


More carefully researched, more excitingly presented and at the same time better enriched in terms of the history of words and myths, it is rare to read about the peripeteias of a cycling stage.

Henrik Freundt


Krabbé reports from the perspective of the fan as well as from the racing saddle. He knows the psychology of a bike race as well as the list of winners of the grand tours and classics, and weaves his own experiences as a racing driver into the mythical history of this sport.

The daily mirror


With surprising stories, precise sketches and small descriptions of customs, the Dutch writer Tim Krabbé always succeeds in delivering gripping interior views from the heart of cycling.

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With subtle humour, refreshing self-mockery and from astonishing perspectives, he conveys in his essays an unbelievable passion for road bikes and cycle races, which he also lived out personally for years as an amateur and then again Masters rider.

Schicke Mütze Covadonga Vierzehnte Etappe Tim Krabbé Düsseldorf
Schicke Mütze Covadonga Vierzehnte Etappe Tim Krabbé Düsseldorf
The author


Tim Krabbé was born in Amsterdam in 1943, where he also lives. He studied psychology and has been working as a writer since the late 1960s. In addition to several novels, which have been translated into a total of 16 languages, he has published short stories and stories, several chess books and articles in well-known newspapers and magazines. Four of his books have been filmed for the cinema. Tim Krabbé's passions are two sports that seem completely opposite at first glance: chess and bicycle racing, both of which he played at a high level.