A real must for racing cyclists and cycling fans. (Handelsblatt)


Enjoyable to read and written with a lot of passion and expertise.

Hannover General

In any case, the guide belongs in the standard equipment of every serious road cyclist - and mountain bikers will realize some things when reading it that previously seemed so surprising to their colleagues with the narrow tires...

Fraktur - The Magazine

Worded with bone dry humor.



The coolest cycling etiquette in the world.

Cyclin' Blog

A nice read for a rainy Sunday. (Nadine Elbert, Velobiz)

Nadine Elbert, Velobiz
Schicke Mütze Covadonga Die Regeln kaufen Düsseldorf Buch
Schicke Mütze Die Regeln Covadonga kaufen Düsseldorf
Schicke Mütze Die Regeln Covadonga kaufen Düsseldorf
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The Velominati are an international collective of racing cyclists and cycling enthusiasts around founder and editor-in-chief Frank Strack (Seattle), Brett Kennedy (Wellington, New Zealand), Gianni Andrews (Hawaii) and Marko Carlson (Minnesota). Your website velominati.com has been one of the most popular and fastest growing cycling portals on the Internet for years. Founded in 2009 to promote the passion for road cycling, the Velominati today enjoy a large and extremely loyal following and readership from all corners of the world. This is her first release in German.