Bicycle. And everything that makes it fun


We often hear from new customers in the store that they want to take a look first. Because they are so excited that there is so much to see. And to buy. Because we have a lot of things there. Sometimes we ourselves are irritated by what we have there. Whether the chain for the Sachs three-speed or the new winter jacket from Cafe Du Cycliste. Whether the Croix de Fer by Genesis or an old Gazelle AA frame in green. Be it the children's bike from KuBikes, the pedals from MKS, the saddle from Brooks or the bags from Apidura. Whether the Valeco helmet from HJC, the ROAM from Wahoo or the merino jerseys from PEdALED. We have a lot, but not everything. Because it was important to us right from the start that we offer things that we like, use and appreciate ourselves. We think about where they are produced and how. We want to offer quality at good prices. We like timeless things and are inspired by meaningful innovations. And know that our passion is the best navigator in the vastness of the cycling universe.