When the hat goes on a journey...

Wenn die Mütze eine Reise tut…

...then she can tell something.

When almost the entire team of the cap sets out on different paths in the direction of Bella Italia, then there are enough stories. A reason for us to fire up the blog machine and tell you a little bit about our trip to L'Eroica 2015 in tranquil Gaiole.

The group “fat pants” didn’t rest their legs on yesterday’s rest day on the stopover from our beautiful Düsseldorf to Tuscany and instead really kicked ass: the three of them have hardly been in the car for a day before the Passo dello Stelvio has to believe it. So that no one gets the idea that people are on vacation here and lazing around is very important. Funnily enough, it still looks like a lot of fun, true to our motto "Smile, you pig!"

We from the dignified faction "pleasure without suffering" spent the first day relaxed in Magreglio, the cycling pilgrimage site in Italy. The morning started late with a 100 meter uphill curl from the Apartment Bellagio Ghisallo just above Giovanni Cermenati's wooden rim manufacture to the chapel of the patron saint of all racing cyclists, the Madonna del Ghisallo. There we met up with some heroes of local Italian cycling history to take some pictures. The gentlemen were a bit stiff, but we think the results of the photo session are impressive.

Then it went a few meters down to Lake Como. A stroll through the old town of Bellagio with the L'Eroica cars in hand, two portions of pasta and two good espressos on the terrace of the local ChiChi restaurant, then the way home over the blessed cycling ground of several Lombardy tours, the climb back up to Magreglio . After all, ten kilometers uphill with a gradient of 14% in places can be a lot of fun, especially when you have reached the top.

And since we're here, we couldn't miss a visit to the cycling museum next to the chapel. Original machines from Coppi, Bartali, Merckx and Co. make the heart of all cycling nerds beat faster, the largest imaginable collection of pink jerseys is hardly noticeable.

The day ended with a quirky dinner in the neighboring town and the realization that not every Best Makeup Oscar is likely to come from hard work.

Now we visit Giovanni, Antonio and Hugo Cermenati, then we continue towards Gaiole, where two houses in the Siena area are waiting for us and our bikes. And if something happens during the day and we feel like it and have time tonight, there are more stories to read about our trip to this year's L'Eroica.

Carsten Vienna, Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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