And again something with culture...

Und schon wieder was mit Kultur…

This time there will be literature three times in one evening. Free and outside. In our backyard. Moderated by Pamela Granderath. In cooperation with Art Connection and ZAKK. We are happy….

After the live performance by Livi and Miri von Muskat was a complete success, there is now an evening with three writers: Michael Stauffer, Nadja Schlueter and Anna Jörgens will be us as part of the Attend backyard readings on August 28 at 7:00 p.m. We are just as curious as you are about what the three of them will inspire us with, but we are sure that they will be exciting texts.

You can find out more about the authors and the backyard readings here . If the weather cooperates, we'll sit in the yard, and if it's going to rain, we'll just put our hats on. Free entry, by the way.

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