And the world is watching... - The cap in the days of the tour

Und die Welt schaut zu… – Die Mütze in den Tagen der Tour

The time has come. Starting next Thursday, Düsseldorf will be associated with cycling all over the world. 60 million people in 190 countries will view images of this beautiful city on the Rhine via TV and the Internet. People will talk about Heinrich Heine, Beuys, the art academy, museums, extensive parks, the old town, the Altbier, the power plant, music culture and sport. And they're going to talk about the umlaut spelling, those weird strokes over the U that we use. If things go as planned, a good million people will come to us. Full of passion for one topic: cycling. And since people in the Rhineland don't like to miss a party when they can celebrate, we're confident that our visitors' euphoria for the bikes will be contagious. Because the bicycle should also play a different role in Düsseldorf in the future, apart from sport. Cycling has to become sexy, mobility needs to change. We find.

But now it's all about the sport. And the sport party that will hopefully be celebrated and lived everywhere on our streets. For the last three years, we at the cap have tried to do our part to create a spirit for cycling and cycling. In February we have known together with the Open Source Festival the Bicycle Film Festival organized as a prelude to various activities leading up to the tour. In the last few weeks we have organized trips with Rapha that have attracted cyclists from the surrounding area to Düsseldorf. And we were allowed to act as ambassadors for the city in the great "Rapha rides Düsseldorf" video by ERTZUI act. In the last week before the start of the tour we increase the cadence again.

Contrary to our habit, we will not take a day off on Mondays for the next two weeks, but will open the hat throughout the week.

To kick off our activities in the cap, we welcome parts of the editorial staff of “ No Sports ” on Tuesday evening. If you don't know it: a great new magazine from 11Freunde that deals with everything sporty except football. We welcome the editors and moderators Philipp Köster and Tim Jürgens and look forward to a panel discussion with illustrious guests, film excerpts and competent chats about the topic of the tour. Come over, it's worth it. Promised.
(unfortunately cancelled!!!)

On Wednesday afternoon we will be the team from POC greet. At question time with coffee and cake with two professionals from the Cannondale Drapac Teams . From 6:00 p.m. we will cycle a relaxed little round with professional support as part of the RCT-Aushart, during which you will be able to Ridley and Ritchey and the computers of our favorite navigation device whoo can borrow. We end the evening with a small barbecue in front of the hat.

On Friday we start at 10:00 a.m. with our co-op partner listnride , the ingenious bike-sharing portal, to a trip to the idyllic hills between Hubbelrath and Ratingen-Eggerscheidt. An excursion that will come as a surprise to many who only know Düsseldorf along the Rhine.

On Friday evening we will then invite you together listnride and whoo to the cap festival, a relaxed prelude to the two best cycling days that Düsseldorf has ever experienced. The unbeatable combination of pasta salad, good music and local beer should make everyone's hearts beat faster. And don't worry, we'll end the evening early enough to avoid hangover attacks the next morning.

We'll be there for you on Saturday, we'll stream towards the Kö from time to time to cheer on the drivers as they race against the clock. And in the evening we go to the concert with the power plant.

On Sunday we start the day like everyone else, we stand at the track and cheer for the pros. But as soon as they have left the city, we get on our bikes from 3:00 p.m. at the NRW Forum to invite one last time to the up and down tour together with Rapha. After returning to Düsseldorf, we look forward to a cold beer and a hot sausage in front of our hat and invite you to recap the weekend with us, which will certainly change the city a little bit.

Here are the links to the events on facebook:

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