Stutenbeiken Vol. 5 - Behind the six or seven mountains

Stutenbeiken Vol. 5 – Hinter den sechs oder sieben Bergen

What has happened so far: The Women's 100 is certainly still vivid in the memories of the many female riders. What not so many will remember is the 3rd Stutenbeken, which took place in June, because…

The group was small but nice, but the group of those who didn't let themselves be put off by the dark clouds in June and rode down the legendary six hills with us was also small. And so that everyone who missed it back then no longer has to be sad, we have decided to reissue the round again. However, with the option to top it off again at the end. What that is has not yet been revealed. And we won't decide until we get to the turn, depending on whether you've got a few grains left or not. It is also possible to split up the group at this point - but in the end all roads lead to the Chic Hat.

Let yourself be surprised!

5. Stutenbeiken – Only for women, Sunday, August 16, 2015, meeting 10:30 a.m., start 11:00 a.m., approx. 50km (or a few more) hilly, at a moderate pace, afterwards coffee & cake in the cap.

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