Stutenbeiken 2016 – laughing with the spring

Stutenbeiken 2016 – Wettlachen mit dem Frühling

Goodbye winter. It was nice with you, but we won't shed any tears for you this time either, but fall head over heels in love with spring again. Because there is no better time to cycle than this: The air is still fresh, the sun is already warm, the green is bursting at the seams. All the senses get their money's worth. It may be that spring is still a little shy in March, it's only just arriving, but the long-awaited one deserves a befitting welcome. And that's why we're already pinning this date firmly on our calendar.

The friends of racing cycling together do a lap with start and finish at the chic cap. There are mares, cake and coffee, plenty to talk about and good mood en masse.

Stutenbeiken 2016 – Only for women, Sunday, March 13, 2016, meeting 10:30 a.m., start 11:00 a.m., approx. 60 km flat at a moderate pace.

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