Road movies on two wheels - movie night in the hat

Roadmovies auf zwei Rädern – Filmabend in der Mütze

When we make cinema in the cap, it's quite an improvised affair. But last Friday we all experienced that exactly that can also have charm. RAD RACE, Hardbrakers & Marvin Beranek at movie night.

The weather forecast sounded rather modest, so we didn't unroll the canvas in front of the door as planned, but inside the cap. In the front there were chairs and beer benches up to the shaving seat, in the back you had to stand - welcome to our little Rock'N'Roll cinema.

Punctually at 8 the cap was full. Short speech by Jan from RAD RACE and the Hardbrakers, then it started. Three films, short - medium - long. Three bike rides. Three great adventures. Joys, sorrows, limits, companionship. Pictures that make you want to go on a journey straight away. With his best friends. Applause for every film. And then we chatted, in the hat, in the yard, beer, Fassbrause, good mood.

We have often heard before that there is no cycling scene in Düsseldorf, no cycling culture, nothing apart from established structures. Even if a lot of people from the pot, from Cologne and the surrounding area were at the start on Friday: believe us, things are happening in Düsseldorf. I just say "almost gravel". Ideas are implemented, people come to see or ride along. We will report and accompany. And guaranteed to have a movie night in the hat again soon. Or go to the cinema together again...

Greetings to RAD RACE, HARDBRAKERS, Marvin, GoodTimesRoll, Pony Riders, Rotrunner, the Schraub-Bar, the Bombtrack/Traffic-Crew, Fixed Pott and everyone who was there and whom we criminally forgot.

See you soon…

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