Pari Souplesse End of season 2022 - The XXL peloton of good mood

Pari Souplesse Look pro go slow 2022 Schicke Mütze Düsseldorf

While the second part of the season will soon start for us with the winter bitch parade, the Team Pari Souplesse of our friends and colleagues from Schwalbe and Paul Ripke is now rolling into the “off-season”. But at the end the lay-back pros let it rip again, rides on Mallorca with Jan Eric Schwarzer in the Sa Mola 13, in Herten at the Gravelgames and in the most wonderful Düsseldorf were on the agenda and, as always with the Pari- Rides, fully booked within a very short time.

Maximum #lookprogoslow – That rolls wonderfully

While the original idea was to roll in two smaller groups, the thought of simply starting out in the big peloton with the experienced Düsseldorf helpers liked it, after all a relaxed pace was the order of the day. The ride over the Oberkasseler Bridge was the right start for a route on the left bank of the Rhine, via Meerbusch we went to Willich via the farm roads that are popular with us. Appropriately, with the support of the fabulous Schwalbe Race Team, there was an improvised RTF-style aid station at the drinking water reservoir there, in proper style with whole egg waffles and bananas, where the only puncture of the day could also be repaired. It's already clear that Schwalbe tires didn't play a role.

We can also do things differently - speed up with Paul

Despite the relaxation mode, there had to be a small challenge - in advance, the participants were allowed to appreciate Paul's time for the Düsseldorf Strava segment "The best for last". The 1.17 km long segment on the Rotterdamer Straße is a classic when driving along the Rhine into the city. More than 13,000 times between 1 minute 13 seconds and 1 hour 33 minutes show the bandwidth between 0.8 and 57.9 kilometers per hour. With 1:29 min and 47.5 km/h, Paul delivered more than decently and showed that regular, relaxed rolling also means that you can drive fast if you want to.

Connoisseur Cyclists go crazy..

After the sporting top performance, the peloton rolled into Düsseldorf city center in a good mood, did another easy lap/lap/lap with the Lambo peloton on Königsallee and then in the courtyard in front of the cap with the Düsseldorf/Cologne peace beer Kolt and quiches our Neighbors of Bulle to end the afternoon appropriately chilled - accompanied by the groovy sounds of our resident DJ Scheibenreiter.

A deep *curt* to everyone who was at the start, who rolled along and helped create a really great day for us. Thanks to the weather gods for a day of sunshine in the midst of noisy rainy days.

From now on, we at the cap team are looking forward to the Sunday winter bitch parade again. This year we're going to make World Bicycle Relief a little bigger and try to match our success last season when we were able to donate ten bikes with your support.

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More coming soon...

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