There's winter bitch parade, baby...

Es gibt Winterschlampenparade, Baby…

Admittedly, the summer was okay. The weather was okay, our trips were okay, we had really nice days and evenings in our hats and a little bit of fun on the bike until autumn. Everything was really okay. But in the summer everyone likes to ride a bike.

But now it's getting serious. Now come the months of conviction.

We're entering the fifth season of the coziest winter ride since the invention of the road bike. Even if most of you know what it is about and are already asking in June when we will start with the WSP, here are a few key data:

It's a road bike ride. For racing bikes, gravel bikes and crossers. No MTBs, no ATBs, no BMX or Dutch bikes, no tall bikes or penny-farthings. The racing stirrup is mandatory. On rainy days, mudguards on the bike are a guarantee for a good mood in the team. At least for everyone driving behind someone. Drinking off the street at this time of year can also lead to unfavorable gut health outcomes. Farm roads tend to be a bit dirty in winter, and we usually are too after a WSP round. Otherwise, dress warmly. At least for the weather.

We usually roll around 75 kilometers, unless it's raining dogs and cats, then we take a shortcut. In the event of snow and ice, we sometimes cancel. Let's write it like this. Last year we also rolled through the snow and had a lot of fun, but it only started to snow a little when we rolled off the Rheinterrassen.

The pace remains sporty and relaxed, an average of 25-26km/h should be in the basic range for most. We stay on flat ground, so everyone knows what to expect every week: lots of fun in a great group. And you newcomers with a desire for winter laps: don't hesitate, come with us. Especially at the beginning everything is still there, so you can roll along and get a taste of it. After that, most stick around. Because it is fun.

We look forward to you.

Winter bitch parade 2018/2019

Meeting point Rheinterrasse Düsseldorf, Joseph-Beuys-Ufer 33, 40479 Düsseldorf

Starts at 11:00 am every Sunday morning from November 4th, 2018 to February 24th, 2019. Duration approx. 3 hours, distance approx. 75 kilometers, flat terrain. Average speed of about 25km/h.

We would like to thank our partners for supporting the winter bitch parade. You make life easier for us and let us enjoy every kilometer: wahoo , Biehler Cycling , genesis bikes , SRAM and panaracer .

The series of events on facebook: here .

The series of events at Strava: here .

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