Eifelschottern 2018 – With cap and profile

Eifelschottern 2018 – Mit Mütze und Profil

The cap goes to the Eifel. For gravel. Or Gravel, as it is otherwise called. And you can join us. On our third visit to BSV profile Huertgenwald with our friends Kurt and Armin.

Our first visit to the Eifel in 2015 was even more clearly under the banner of our beloved Classic exit . At that time, our friend Kurt's course would have only required a peg with the sign “L'Eroica” and could have provided the basis for a perfect German edition of the Italian heroes' round. Due to the start of the Tour de France in our home town, we ended our existing commitment in this direction at the time. the German L'Eroica has, as is well known, found its home in the Rheingau, the first edition took place in 2018, more will follow.

During the second visit in 2017, the cap in the Eifel was preceded by the reputation of the classic team and encouraged two members of the Hürtgenwald profile to show us with classic equipment including Weinmann 500 brakes and 48-24 as a mountain transmission how to handle the Eifel landscape with ollem can conquer tubes and neat Kawumms. We were very impressed, both on the ramps and the descents. Most of those who traveled from Düsseldorf were already on modern roads, although our love of steel has largely stayed with us, only the old classics with 28 tires and rim brakes have been replaced by modern classics such as Ritchey SwissCross or Outback with disc.

The Eifel route has also changed a bit from 2015 to 2017 because we, or rather Kurt and Armin from BSV, have pushed everything a little more in the direction of crossers at our request. The ground got a bit rougher, there was a little more forest and the asphalt sections were reduced.

This year we can expect the route from 2017, 66 kilometers with 1290 meters in altitude. Fifteen kilometers from the finish line, a real chopper awaits, for normal mortals the goal is not to have to get off their bikes. After that there is a shortcut for everyone who has experienced enough Eifel that day, the rest take a little detour with a few small hills and a visit to the potato tree.

You can drive alone, in small groups with friends or in a larger group, it's up to you all. Experience has shown that such ambitious trips are a lot of fun when you experience them in a group. And the fun should be in the foreground, no times are taken.

Please pack a mini tool, some hoses, some bars, enough water and everything else you need to survive in the deepest wilderness of the Eifel. There is no refreshment station on the way, we have to get through the 66 kilometers like this.

It is important to be considerate of each other as well as to all passers-by whose paths we cross. Just like with our Düsseldorf event “Schotter, Kies & Moos” at the beginning of September, we want to make a nice and relaxed impression on walkers, hikers and dog owners.

In the morning before the start, a hearty Eifel coffee awaits you in the Germainia Vossenack clubhouse, and when we return, Profil Hürtgenwald will welcome us with a delicious soup. The showers in the clubhouse are available, the bikes can also be cleaned there.

So far the weather forecast is looking great, if it stays that way we can expect sunshine and dry soil.

Unfortunately, we weren't very flexible about the date in October, so we're going into the race with the Eifelschottern as the third gravel event of the weekend. Yorit Kluitman's no less beautiful Pathfinder Giro, which we rode with great enthusiasm ourselves last year, starts on Sunday at Velosoof in Endhoven, this year the debut of the “Toros de Gravel” will take place next Saturday on the Germans' favorite Mediterranean island. We hope to find better solutions in 2019.

You can get the limited tickets and details about the meeting point of our Eifelschottern for € 15. here at Eventbrite .

We thank Biehler , Wahoo and Ritchey for their support that makes events like this possible.

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