Düsseldorf300 – epic edition

Düsseldorf 300 dus300 Schicke Mütze CCD 200 Radmarathon 2023

If you are planning an outdoor event, you have to deal with the weather. On the negative list is: too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy. Düsseldorf300 had it all: extreme heat, storms, rain, thunderstorms, a drop in temperature, then sun again. That under these conditions around 160 of the 180 participants were exhausted at the end of their 200 or 300 kilometer tour, at the end, happy, exhausted, completely relaxed, in a good mood, totally annoyed, super exhausted, super angry or slightly exhausted Rolling (or even pushing...) into the hat's courtyard rather than simply driving home and showering off the day's dust, dirt and sweat shows that there seemed to be something very special about the event. Just a totally weird community thing.

Of course, it's a little absurd that the most thankless roles of the day actually have the first and fastest drivers* - lonely their triumphant entry because nobody else is there to cheer and congratulate them. The longer the day goes on, the bigger the welcoming committee and the applause, which is somehow deserved again, because whoever has been on the longest has also suffered the longest. Logical, right? Although - if you see some pictures in which participants* in BIB with helmets are sitting in the Roer, you get the feeling that there was a good portion of fun in between, Woodstock sends its regards. But the pictures of the rain and storm front then show the other side. It's a good thing that many in the Netherlands have parked themselves in cafés, at gas stations or somewhere for half an hour.

How relaxed and fluffy the whole number is seen despite the good portion of challenge is also shown by the fact that we are often asked if we want to take part ourselves. Sure, easy, set up, coffee for everyone, put stuff in, unwind 200 (or 300?) kilometers and then be back before everyone else as if moved by a chilled ghost hand, prepare a little and welcome the first party guests in a relaxed manner - exactly our style. We're working on that at some point, but we're not quite sure yet if it will ever be crowned with success.

But don't worry, we don't need pity. We received a monstrous helping of thanks in return. Incidentally, this is equally due to the Cycling Club Düsseldorf - Stephan, Martin and Dieter deserve special mention here - and the entire team of volunteers. The mood, the atmosphere, the emotions at the finish, the very personal stories of suffering, will and challenges and the almost tangible happiness when you sit at the table in a group - that is really priceless.

Anyone who dismisses düsseldorf300 as an event where a relatively large number of people cover a relatively large number of kilometers in one day does not do the event justice. Okay, 45,000 kilometers between Langenberger Sender and Roermond is quite the number when it comes to big numbers. But in addition to the sheer size, there are also the inner values, which on such days easily fall under “Magic Moments”. Sounds big, sounds cheesy and touchy-feely, but let's just throw that out now. Those who were there know what we mean. And we can definitely understand each other.

And while we're on the subject of great feelings: we're launching a fat rocket for the route planning and the refreshment stations, which the CCD has taken care of. The drivers' response to these two incredibly important points was positive to the power of two. The good mood and the support that the local teams radiated are a big part of the success. And when cheese sandwiches, watermelons and pickles come into play, for some we are right in the middle of the magic moments again.


Big thanks again to all the helpers and to our refreshment stations in the Cycle Cafe in Velbert, the team from the Hülser Bergschänke and Patric from Antidot, who held the fort with the company bus and the CCD crew on the heap even in the pouring rain.

We cannot say thank you enough to our partners from Antidot, Apidura, Dextro Energy, Schwalbe and Roland Schüren and his team from Bäckerei Schüren and Seed & Greet. You have taken some worry lines off our faces and with your support you are making a significant contribution to the fact that düsseldorf300, as a cooperation between the chic cap and the Cycling Club Düsseldorf, can roll so freely.

So, now let's plunge into the next adventure, Rund um die Kö is knocking on the door, querfeldrhein is also very impatient, Good Time 100 paws its hooves, in between, gravel, gravel & moss look around the corner and we'll definitely fall a few other things. Let's see if we can get düsseldorf300 2024 back in the team with the CCD, given the 23rd edition we can hardly help it...

Have a good time, #supportyourlocalbikeshop and #supportyourlocalbikecommunity, rock and roll. And enjoy dus300 again when you scroll through Kerstin's pictures...

Your team of the hat

© Pictures Kerstin Kortekamp

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