Bonjour le Tour – Düsseldorf in final sprint mode

Bonjour le Tour – Düsseldorf im Endspurtmodus

A hundred days before the start of the Grand Départ, our hometown switches to sprint mode – numerous cycling-related activities form the countdown to the largest sporting event Düsseldorf has ever hosted. Whether it's the Cyclingworld trade fair, children's races, the big "Free Bikes" campaign in the NRW Forum, the integrated Night of Museums, exhibitions in the town hall, a bicycle flea market and a wide variety of excursions: the coming weekend is an important step, the necessary enthusiasm for the tour de France in Düsseldorf.

Sporting events of the magnitude of the Tour De France always attract critics. Effort, benefit, cost, effect, security, the list of points to be discussed is endless. No major event is accompanied exclusively by enthusiasm, regardless of whether it is a concert, carnival, football or the Tour De France. Ideally, a critical discussion can also be an advantage for an event, because other perspectives also enable other solutions to problems. Except for the unspeakable discussion of some spoilsports, who see their basic rights in danger because they have to do without the traditional parking lot for four days.

Let's hope that the large number of discussions surrounding the start of the tour in Düsseldorf will now make it possible to give the city the necessary impetus with a convincing and balanced calendar of events. A lack of solidarity on the part of politicians and constant bickering ultimately does not fall back on individuals, but on the city of Düsseldorf. And nobody can seriously want that on days when our city is in the international spotlight.

How did we write on November 6, 2015?
It shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone that we from the cap team are delighted that Düsseldorf will apply to start the 2017 Tour De France, the Grand Départ. But we're so presumptuous to believe that when it's over, the whole city will be in ecstasy as we welcome guests from all over the world to the biggest sporting event of 2017.
Let's hope that's exactly what happens.

On Saturday, March 25th, the city will open the round of activities of the 100-day program. What is going on in detail?

Bonjour LeTour on the market square/town hall bank: a program with a rally, jugglers, live music and talk guests from politics and celebrities and many other activities, plus exhibitions all about bikes in the town hall and activities in Café Velo

Petit Depart at the university sports facility – the children's racing series wants to convince the youngest to get involved with cycling.

Bike flea market in Düsseldorf at postPOST Grand Central – Bike sale for commission in Düsseldorf's currently most exciting location, known from the Bicycle Film Festival, among other things.

Night of the Museums – here as a special tip the Free bike promotion at the NRW Forum, which reanimates dead bikes for use as free rental bikes.

She wants both on Saturday and Sunday Cycling World Dusseldorf in the Böhler works attract visitors from all over the surrounding area to Düsseldorf. The cycling fair with the subtitle "Germany's new exhibition for the finest cycling culture" will focus not only on the technology but also on the lifestyle segment. In the impressive industrial halls in Heerdt, guests can find out about the latest and established things from the areas of sport, e-mobility, urban biking, cycling couture, travel and the future.

We ourselves will work with some of our partners such as B. Veloheld , Pelago , Aurora collective and FIZIK be there with a stand at Cyclingworld, have bikes, hats and lots of good humor with them. In addition, those interested can take part in two short test rides on Saturday, including with the Belgian racers from Ridley be happy. On Sunday we will then start from the exhibition center at the Böhler works "Cakes & Rockets" exit , which we share with the online platform listnride realize. And the Wahooligans behind our very favorite and only sat nav from wahoo will give all participants coffee and cake at the great Café Meisenkaiser at the Hombroich rocket station. IMPORTANT: since we really only have 45 starting places, you have to register with listnride for the exit. Namely >>> right here <<<. Just pressing participate on facebook doesn't apply this time. Participation is free of charge. And when you return, you can have it at our stand the best alt in town .

Let's look forward to a weekend that focuses on the bicycle in many places in the city. We hope that all local activities will live up to the Tour de France and show that Düsseldorf is committed to the world's biggest cycling race next summer.

Carsten Wien / Chic hat

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